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[NPC] Dr. Kaze Mizaki

Ryou Misaki

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Full name: Kaze Dante Mizaki

Nickname: Dr. , Kaze, Father ( By his Son )

Age: 31

Gender: Male

Race: Coordinator

Occupation: Was a scientist in genetics for the middle of his career but then applied and was employed at Maius Military Industries as a scientist for the development of mobile suits with built in mobile armor modes. Having been employed and working under Delfina Schneider.

Birthplace: Junius 7

Citizenship: PLANT

Personality: A serious man with no real sense of humor. Takes his work seriously and tends to stay overtime in his own office. At times he can be soft but he is not afraid to shout for others mistakes. The only time he is seen smiling is around his son, but it's not for parental love.





( Credit to Madhouse and Takeshi Obata )


Height: 6'5

Weight: 90 KG

Hair Colour and Style: He has long black hair which is much more wild and perhaps the future of his Son's hair if he were to let it grow out. The hair tends to go outwards towards the ends of it's tips except for the few strands that are close to his face, in which then it tends to curve to his face and face. The top which covers his forehead tends to go towards the left and covers his right eye at times.

Eye Colour: Traditionally black but he wears Red Contacts. Reasons Unknown. He also has a pair of black glasses which he uses.

Identifying Marks: A mark left at his lower stomach from bullets from one of the Mobile suits accidentally taking out most of his right side. Takes Pills for this to numb the pain.

Skin Tone: Light Pale

Build: Moderate

Clothing: Unlike the traditional white coat, he tends to wear a black one. His ID tag clipped on the right chest while he wears a white shirt with a blue tie around the neck. He also wears black pants to accompany his black coat and black shoes. A pair of black glasses which he uses to see from far, but when writing he seems to take it off.

Handiness: Ambidextrous




Mother: Yukiji Amane ( PLANT, Coordinator, Deceased )

Father: Dante Mizaki ( PLANT, Coordinator, Deceased

Siblings: None

Wife: Ada Kinoru ( Eurasian Federation, Natural, Deceased )

Children: Ryou Misaki ( PLANT, Coordinator, Alive )


Personal History: The Mizaki family had been one of political use and a rich figure head in the PLANTs. The family having been scientists in genetics which helped change children and turn them into Coordinators.


The same was said for Kaze, his interests in biology and chemistry having been visible at a young age until he had grown and was accepted as a scientist. As time passed and age set in, he had married a Natural from Earth though for the wrong reasons.


He had attempted to create a Coordinator without having the use of a test tube or the usage of a robotic womb. Having placed drugs and several chemicals inside his wife's body and disguising them as mere proteins for the child. It had resulted in one of his children having been still born while the other managed to survive the intake.


At this time war was spread and he had been separated from the family, having then heard from his wife that his son was progressing naturally and without any faults other than his eyes. He had seen his project as a failure, having then applied to MS research in which he was surprised to hear Delfina Schneider specifically take him in as her own scientist that worked right under her command.


He then had brought his son to the PLANTs to see if he was mistaken about his failure, only to realize that his son was exceptional than most Coordinators but had no real potential to become the ultimate one. A failure as a son and project he had seen his son. Though once he saw his interests in battles and the talent he had in programs and even close combat with a weak body as his. He had been more than happy to hear him join the military, having sent a personal message to ZAFT himself to allow the boy to join the military. Until then he continues to work in the progress of the creation of MS and Delfina Schneider own request on the suits themselves.


((OOC: I contacted Wilhelm about this but if it needs any modifications then please go ahead. I also want to say that I'm rarely going to use this character other than a plot device. Unless Wilhelm requests me to use him, he won't be a major part of my Rp'ing and he'll rarely be used considering I'm taking it from his Son's perspective. Not his own. ))

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If possible, please resize the picture.


I'm not so sure about the reference to Patrick Zala. We have a policy of not referring to canon characters.


You should add a [NPC] tag to the topic title if this is going to be just an NPC.

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