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Cosmic Compendium and Destiny League


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If you have not heard, Advent Destiny has launched a player's handbook called the Cosmic Compendium. The CC runs on MediaWiki and is free for all players to edit and help create articles about the world of Advent Destiny. You can do your part and add on original and unique aspects into our brand of the Cosmic Era. All you need to do is to simply register on the CC, read the editing guidelines, and start editing!


We have also started our first season of the Destiny League. If your team is participating in the event, please do check the battle threads and RP. Don't keep us waiting! If you are not participating but wish to be part of this milestone, we have a vacancy for the referee position. Any members who have previously battled in the Coliseum is welcomed to apply to be a referee.


More exciting features are in the works so head on down and interact with the community as you enjoy your RP here!

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