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Updates 1/5/2007


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Having just finished my finals, I have updated the site. Here's a breakdown of the changes/additions made:


1. The sidebar issue with IE has been fixed. It should look the way it should on IE now.


2. Long URLs in posts will now be trimmed to prevent stretching of the page.


3. Registration checks has now been implemented to help those registering new accounts to ensure that they have entered the correct information.


4. Advent Destiny feeds has been added. I'm sure you noticed the RSS buttons beside the title of each board and each child board. If you would like to subscribe to RSS feeds from Advent Destiny, simply click on the button.  If you are not using any feed reader at the moment, I'll like to recommend you to use Google Reader. I find it a very handy and dependable RSS news reader.


5. Bots and spiders will no longer show up as Guests in the Users Online page. Instead, they will be identified.

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