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Phantom of the Opera


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Phantom of the Opera is in town! I went for a show last evening. It's fantastic. Being a fan of the musical, it's great to finally experience the real deal! I'm amazed by their effective transition between scenes and the speed at which props were set up. Well, would I have expected less from a world-class musical performance?


The orchestra was impressive. Combined with the outstanding vocals, the music kept my hair raise for most part of the show. When the Phantom first appeared, his distinctive voice gave me goosebumps. And just when I thought that the sensation would be unmatched, the trademark song Phantom of the Opera was played and I got even more goosebumps!


For those who are interested in the theatrical arts, this is a must-watch musical!


I'm curious to know, how many fans of the musical do we have here, if any?

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I guess you could say that I'm one, though when I saw it I was in the 5th

grade(?) and didn't remember much of the plot until I saw the movie remake a couple years ago.  My mom likes broadways so I've see a few while growing up including Les Miserables, Cats, Rent, Beauty and the Beast, and Miss Saigon.  Hated Cats, Rent, and Miss Saigon, the only ones I really liked were Phantom and Les (the first two I ever saw).  Gotta say though, broadways tend to be tradgic so I'm a little hesitant to watch them now days since I'm grown up and can decide if I want to go.

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