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Hinako Shirakawa (replacement for Sayaka Nakano)


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Player name: kct

Character Number: 1

Faction: NOVA




Full name: Hinako Shirakawa

Nickname: Hinako

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Race: Natural


Birthplace: Republic of East Asia (Earth Alliance)

Citizenship: Orb Union

Personality: First impressions when someone sees this young lady is that she will be probably being mistaken as being possibly lady-like (remember, possibly is a word not to be taken lightly, since the word goes both ways in the literal sense). However, this is not exactly the case, as her personality is best described as being a mix of being quiet at times, and dead-on serious at other times, depending on what is happening around her, and what she is having in her mind.


Her background in being trained into a yamato nadeshiko, basically, into 'the perfect Japanese lady' by her family (something in which girls are ask to maintain their conservativeness, at least for the sake of marriage) created the demure demeanor in her. One should know that on knowing her better reveals Hinako to be someone who can probably talk as well as the others, something that is expected of girls her age. Usually open to most females, although she usually have issues with...males, for the reason that she seldom mixed around with them (despite studying in a multi-stream school at Orb), resulting in her being very cautious and selective when talking to males.


Of course, part of the training does involve swordsmanship (or swordswomanship, depending on how you look at it), hence she displays a largely serious and protective nature at times and it has been never a good thing to mess with her at those times. This also managed to instill the spirit of determination inside her in doing a lot of things and dealing with matters, something which is required in the military.





Image taken from Nanairo Ice (Rainbow-colored IceCream)

© Naru Nanao, Kadokawa Shoten, ISBN: 404853825X[/align]


Height: 157cm

Weight: 44kg

Hair Colour and Style: Average. Having longer than mid-length dark raven hair, she decided to keep it simple in addition of a simple hairclip to clip some of the hair on the left, leaving the bangs on the right portion of the hair. She takes some effort to maintain her hair on a daily basis, since being in the military exposes one to rough and tumble conditions, although she have seen some of her friends in the military with even more longer hair than hers. At work, it's a single ponytail for her.

Eye Colour: Usual. Dark brown, in a very conventional way, and her eyes seems to be calm but attentive in nature.

Identifying Marks: None. Was usually left wondering how someone like her can attract that much attention at times.

Skin Tone: Fair. Something that remains unchanged despite her rough past. The tone of the skin now complements her current overall look.

Build: Thin and slender. Not many people know that actually she does have quite an attractive figure (albeit slightly on the thin side) hiding under the clothes though, and it is something she have been trying to hide from the prying eyes of males...and females alike.

Clothing: Moderate. Most of the time, she will be wearing either a set of military uniforms, although when going out she likes to dress rather conservatively, that is usually a collared short-sleeved or long-sleeved blouse, can be either tugged in, or not tugged in, into a mostly knee-length skirt hanging from her waist, and a pair of high-heeled shoes, giving others an impressions that she is a typical girl that works in the office. If really casual, it's a simple T-shirt and a pair of typical khakis/jeans.

Handiness: Right-handed




Mother: Madoka Takahashi

Father: Kazuhiko Shirakawa

Siblings: None

Husband/Wife/Boyfriend/Girlfriend: None, although there has been numerous occasions where females have tried to hit on her. A male confidant of hers (Ryota Mitsukuri) is currently in a state of coma after a mishap during military training.


Personal History:


Hinako Shirakawa is basically a typical Asian girl born into a typical Asian family living in a relatively trouble-free environment in the safe confines of their home, located at the what is known as Japan, part of the Earth Alliance-affiliated Republic of East Asia. Her father worked for an offshoot of Actaeon Industries, one of the companies dealing with military technology for the Earth Alliance, also located in Japan.


The family then moved to Orb, after Hinako's father received an assignment to join Orb's Morgenroete, Inc. as part of a joint-venture for the purpose of creating new technologies and weapon systems for the Earth Alliance during the early phase of the Second Bloody Valentine War between the Earth Alliance and ZAFT. The company is involved with the project of improving the Morgenroete and PMP (Propulsion and Machinery Progress)-built AQM/E-M1 IWSP (Integrated Weapons Striker Pack, formerly known as the P202QX IWSP) to be used in another GAT-X105 Strike Gundam (it was unknown whether it was a Morgenroete, Inc. built unit, or by Actaeon Industries) for research purposes (the IWSP was used in a joint operation between the Earth Alliance and the Orb Union on a GAT-01A2R Slaughter Dagger, but the fate of the unit remains unknown after the IWSP was taken over by an Earth Alliance’s GAT-X105E Strike E). After the war moved to the later phase (with LOGOS being revealed to the world, much to the surprise of everyone), the family decided to permanently stay in Orb. Of course, the family decided to keep their ties to the company that apparently supplied modern military hardware to LOGOS quiet, since they are just a little piece of pawn on the chess board.


One must know that being a citizen of Orb does have its own set of perks, although not exactly by a wide margin compared to the rest of the world (or universe, in that matter). Among one of them is guaranteed peace, being a 'neutral nation' (a status which does not last very long, as Orb is already considered being an ally of the Earth Alliance in the early phase of the Second Bloody Valentine War). Of course, everlasting peace never exist at that time, when not much later they find themselves in the middle of an attack launched by ZAFT at the height of the Second Bloody Valentine War (in C.E. 74). Much of the young girl's distrust towards Coordinators started from this, not because they have killed so many people, but for other reasons. Her argument is that had they learn their lessons, no one would suffer. Of course, for a very young girl, there is little she could understand about the mechanism of politics and war.


Peace finally arrived in the world, shattered by 2 major wars that took place in only a span of only about 3 years. With the time passing by every day in a seemingly normal environment, Hinako has learned (through schooling and others) that Orb's ideals just do not exist there as mere words said by the leaders; they are ideals that everyone, be it citizens of Orb, regardless of a Natural or Coordinator, they must uphold the said values at all times, even in the face of adversity. The leaders of Orb have always pressed for this for the benefit of their citizens, being the main benchmark of maintaining peace around the world. Their main point is that, unity of the people is considered one of the ultimate forms of strength, something she believed until today.


Because of the mixed culture in Orb Union, the Shirakawa family felt that there was a need to instill some love for the Japanese culture in their daughter to apparently 'toughen her up'. With that said, they 'force' her through lessons in Japanese culture (which includes numerous training like Japanese tea ceremonies and other significant Japanese cultures, to the extent of putting Hinako through lessons in Japanese swordsmanship, giving her a level of proficiency at using a Japanese sword). As with anything forced upon others, she never liked the training one bit, but carried on for the sake of her parents. She came to enjoy them as a form of entertainment, since not many people get to learn something 'extra'. These forms of ‘lessons’ have turned her into a surprisingly sweet and very lady-like girl.


Of course, this form of transformation has turned Hinako from a rather rough person to someone totally different, getting some attention from some people. She might not be the prettiest, but she is definitely above average, although not many people dare to even approach her because they don't dare to (the preference of the people in the school seems to go to the totally outgoing type, something Hinako is not). Among the few males that are attracted to her is a rather unknown person called Ryota Mitsukuri, who is probably one of the more reserved males around the school, despite being classmates with her. No one would expect in a short while that both of them can be seen together at times, causing a lot of ruckus and questions from both sides of the gender, with the most common issue being their relationship. The ruckus quickly died off after Ryota left the school to join the FREE Forces of the Orb Union at about 16 years of age to pursue a career in the military, and they correspond to each other through e-mails and the like.


As expected, Hinako left to join the FREE Forces, apparently to 'follow his footsteps', with the approval of her parents since they decided that she can handle the stress of the military, since one of the things they taught her is 'ways to handle stress'. There is another motive too from her parents, since letting their sole daughter join the military will serve as a form of repayment for the protection they get in the war.


Unfortunately, both Hinako and Ryota never really got to meet each other other than friendly exchanges, until an accident during Ryota's military training. The first person Ryota have listed for the military to contact in the case of an emergency is Hinako, who immediately dropped what she is doing and went to look for him. She hoped that he would be alright, but after an operation, Ryota is placed into a state of coma. Knowing that becoming sad would not benefit her or anyone else, she decided to give her all in whatever she do, while hoping to see the day he wakes up.


Side note: While some of the people around bought cars and the like as means of transportation around Orb, she never bought one despite being able to do so (not to mention having a driving licence). However, Ryota have asked for her to take good care of his car, something which possibly rivals the cars a certain Sergeant had.

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Not bad at all.


Anyways, this part in your Personality: "Her personality is best described as being slightly mixed, dependent on what is happening around her, and what she is having in her mind."

I think you could be a little more specific regarding the 'mixed' personality.  I know you went into some specifics at some later point, but clarification earlier on would be good.


In your history, I did not understand this particular phrase:

"One of the males that are attracted to her is some unassuming Ryota Mitsukuri..."

Do you mean "...the sometimes unassuming..." or something else?


I think that covers the points I wanted to address.

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Since apparently no one else made any further comments and I did not see any other particular issues...




Orb Union Bureau of Citizenry

Kusanagi City, United Emirates of Orb[/align]


This is to certify that Ms. Hinako Shirakawa is a native citizen of the United Emirates of Orb, which is a member of the Non-Offensive Vanguard Alliance (NOVA), and is to be accorded with the same rights as all other loyal citizens of the Orb Union.


Furthermore, this citizen is an enlisted soldier in the Federation of Royal Emirates Elite (FREE) Forces, holding the rank of Sergeant, with duties and responsibilities thereof.


Signed and Noted by:

First Lieutenant Demetrius Amherst

FREE Forces

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