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Updates 12/10/2006


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I fixed some template errors in the private messaging menu. Please continue to inform me of any layout errors that you see. Thank you!



I would like to remind all members that we are using a different system here. You do not need to use your character name as your displayed name. You can choose a nickname and use that. So please take note. If you wish to use the character name as your displayed name, you are most welcomed to do so. But stick with that displayed name because if you keep changing your displayed name it will confuse us.


Also, note that the username is separate from your displayed name. The username should be known only to yourself to prevent hacking of accounts.


Oh, if you were wondering what's the CWN Headlines that keep scrolling on the left of the site, it's the "Copernicus World News (CWN) Headlines". News of events in RP will be announced there in the future.


That's it for now.

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