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Emi Yoshikuni

Emi Yoshikuni

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Full name: Emi Yoashikuni

Nickname: Emi

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Race: Coordinator

Occupation: Mobile suit pilot/Specialist

Birthplace: Unknown

Citizenship: United Erimates of Orb

Personality: Even as a child Emi was very intelligent despite being a coordinator she had capabilities of a older, well educated coordinator. She is kind, modest, and respectful of others but very shy and therefore cant help much people, but once people get to know Emi, they will find that she is abit more thoughtful and gentle. Even after knowing Emi for years, people could bearly ever tell the emotion she really feels, Emi may look all happy but sometimes it's just a show to not let people see her real emotions of sadness, anger, ect. Emi usually says everything in calm manners.




Height: 160 cm

Weight: Just guess, too shy to say o.0

Hair Colour and Style: short midnight blue hair

Eye Colour: redish brownish o.0

Identifying Marks: none

Skin Tone: fair

Build: thin/slender

Clothing: Usually wears a school like uniform 124698255_8067d0c43c.jpg can't find a better picture of her wearing school uniform so... yeah...

Handiness: Ambidextrous




Mother: N/A (adopted child, real parents deceased) , Michiyo Yoshikuni

Father: N/A (adopted child, real parents deceased),  Kenta Yoshikuni

Siblings: None ( lonely child... maybe? o.0)

Wife/Girlfriend: N/A (what no boyfriends/husbands one? o.0)


Personal History:


(Not going to have much of a personal History until i understand our timeline... But...)


Emi yoshikuni had lost her memory or to be exact blocked out her memories of her past, remaining only the educational parts. The reason Emi had blocked out her own memories of her past was because of a horrible accident where Emi had seen how her parents had died, and what she had done... No one knows how she blocked it out, but they think she just did it with her mind.

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