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  • Introduction
  • About Role Play
  • Character Creation
  • Choice of Allegiance
  • Mobile Weapons
  • Conclusion




So you registered on Advent Destiny but you have no idea what to do next. I hope this little guide would help you get your bearings and kick-start a very fulfilling role playing experience!


Before I start, I'll like to say a few words. I'm Valiant, the humble creator/owner/administrator of this site. I would like to thank you for taking the time to register on the site. We are a small community with a common interest and passion. I hope you would become part of this family in time to come.


Enough of ranting… Let us begin.


So you have registered an account. So what's next, you might ask.


The first and most important thing to do is… Post in the Introductions board to let us know about yourself! We are a friendly community and most definitely welcome new members very warmly.



About Role Play


While getting to know us, you can start to prepare yourself for Role Playing. If you are a seasoned Role Player, go ahead and RP if you feel up to the challenge. However, we suggest that you read through the following as your previous experiences might differ from what you are about to dive into.


Here's a short list of important things that you should take some time to read to help you understand the mechanics of this role play.


1. Read the Rules of Advent Destiny!

This is very important! Familiarise yourself with the rules to avoid breaching our regulations and the subsequent punishments.


2. If you are unfamiliar with Role Playing or wish to have a better grasp of role playing on Advent Destiny, take some time to read the How to Role Play Guide.


3. Refer to the Forum Guide if you have problems with any functionality or feature of the site. If the Guide is unable to help solve your problems, feel free to contact any one from the Advent Destiny Team.


4. We have an FAQ section for any miscellaneous queries that you might have.


5. Last but not least, we have the list of the people on the Advent Destiny Team. It would be helpful for you to know who's who on the site.



Now that you are ready to role play, you will need to make a character to role play with!



Character Creation


Please refer to the Character Creation Guide to learn more about how to make an acceptable character. I would like to emphasise that we do not accept canon characters. We follow a timeline that is different from the series and we do not want to have characters from the series in our storyline.


To create your character, you would need to follow the Character Creation Template. Once you have made your character, you are now ready to post it! I would suggest that you run the submission through a spell check. Although it is not a must, it would help minimise errors that might irritate readers as well as spare you from embarrassment. Please post in the Character Profile board when you are ready.


Now that you have a character, you are good to go! But where do you start? You would have to think about where you would like to start your role play. With so many locales to choose from, newcomers are often overwhelmed. A good place would be somewhere close to where you live or work and you can slowly build on that.



Choice of Allegiance


Now that you have a character, you would need to choose which side he or she supports.


Before you do, you might want to read about the various [wiki]Factions[/wiki] in the world of Advent Destiny. For more information on the choice of factions, check out the guide on Choosing a Faction.


To submit an application, simply state the faction you wish to join in the relevant entry in the Character Creation Template.


Here's a list of the factions available on Advent Destiny and their respective leaders. Click on the names of the faction to go to the respective application board.

1. [wiki]Earth Alliance[/wiki]


Earth Alliance Commander-in-Chief

2. [wiki]People Liberation Acting Nation of Technology (PLANT)[/wiki]

Supreme Council Chairperson, Miss Sandrilene Apfelsine

ZAFT Supreme Commander

3. [wiki]Non-Offensive Vanguard Alliance (NOVA)[/wiki]

Chief Representative, Princess Alvielle Torren

4. [wiki]Soldiers of Fire[/wiki]

Commander Xavi Romero

5. [wiki]Serpent Tail[/wiki]




Mobile Weapons


After you have completed your character profile, you would need to arm him or her with a mobile weapon. If you do not wish to pilot a mobile weapon, you can skip this section.


To be eligible to pilot a mobile weapon, your character would need to trained in the art of MW piloting. Your character will have to sign up in the Pilot Academy and role play there. Read the Academy's rules and apply for a license when you think you meet all of the requirements; our administrators and moderators will take care of the rest. In the beginning, you will be assigned a mobile weapon by your faction leader, and you will be unable to modify it.  Promotions within your faction may lead to assignment to a more advanced MW. As time passes and you upgrade your license, you will be able to purchase upgrades and/or custom-made mobile weapons using the site cash you have earned. Note that the parts and MW available for purchase are dependent on your faction's stock, which can vary from time to time.


If you do not obtain a piloting license on your first try, do not feel discouraged.  Feel free to ask what factors led to your rejection, and use their comments to help improve yourself for the next time you apply. As well, the number of pilots licenses allowed in each faction is dependent on the need for faction balance, so there may be times when you will be unable to apply for a license. Please be patient as our faction leaders will work hard to keep these instances to a minimum.


Only those who have the license are allowed to buy and pilot mobile weapons.

If you are in a faction, you will be assigned standard mobile weapons. The MW assigned to you depends on the range of MW available to the faction at that point of time. Promotions might lead to assignment to a more advanced suit.


MW pilots are allowed to purchase upgrades for their suits from the Shop. However, unless you are a mercenary, you are only restricted to the weapons produced by the faction you are in.





Well, well. That was quite a lot of information. I hope you are not too overwhelmed by the details. I hope this guide was useful for you!



[align=center]© 2005-2007 Advent Destiny.

Please refer to here for more copyright information.[/align]

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