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Choosing a Faction


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Please note that your character can only join the faction that the nation he or she is from belongs to. An exception would be application for the Soldiers of Fire or the Serpent Tail, since the freelancer factions accept citizens from all over the world.


A faction is a major power in the world of Advent Destiny while a nation is part of a faction. The only exceptions are the neutral nations, excluding the Orb Union. These nations are not part of any faction.


The factions available on Advent Destiny are as follows:

1. [wiki]Earth Alliance[/wiki]

2. [wiki]People Liberation Acting Nation of Technology (PLANT)[/wiki]

3. [wiki]Non-Offensive Vanguard Alliance (NOVA)[/wiki]

4. [wiki]Soldiers of Fire[/wiki]

5. [wiki]Serpent Tail[/wiki]



You can choose to remain as a civilian and role play as a civilian. It is a very interesting perspective to role play from and we certainly encourage that. However, please be informed that civilians would not be allowed to use mobile weapons. Mobile weapons are only for use by military personnel.


Also, faction members are given salary determined by the rank they hold.


Do not be indecisive when choosing a faction to join. Post your application after you have decided on the faction you wish to be part of. You should refrain from applying to join more than one faction. This does not reflect well on you and it might increase the chances of you being rejected by the factions you applied to join.


Once you joined a faction, stick to it. If you defect too often, it will be too unrealistic and your employers would find it hard to trust you.


Remember to post in your character profile thread after it has been approved to apply for entry.



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Please refer to here for more copyright information.[/align]

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