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Godric Mathews


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Full name: Godric Allen Mathews

Nickname: "God", Matt

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Race: Natural

Occupation: Smuggler

Birthplace: New York City

Citizenship: Earth Alliance




Godric is impulsive.  This is not to be confused with random.  He will not jump off a bridge just as soon as cross it.  He will not step in front of a moving car instead of waiting.  But he will do something that is stupid because he feels like it or because he thinks it would be fun.  Fun.  A motivating word in Godric's life.  Why do something if you are not going to enjoy it?  Life was far to short to worry about doing some job that you loathed to make more money.  Not that he had anything against paper work and desk jobs.... they were just boring. 


And of course a certain amount of brashness seemed to come hand in hand with his impulsiveness.  He is reckless and foolhardy at times and he can be as stubborn as a mule.  Of course these attributes are not all bad because he knows when to suck it up and follow orders when he needs too.  Or when to play by the rules and even god forbid.... wait. 


In a situation that makes him uncomfortable such as overwhelming odds and almost certain death, or even boredom, Godric will normally attempt to crack jokes or lighten the situation.  At least for himself.  This is his own little way of coping with the world and what he doesn't like. 


As for those that are on his good side.... or can at least tolerate being around him for extended periods of times you will find him to be a nice guy at heart just a bit rough around the edges.  While he has no problem killing and certainly not hurting someone he doesn't take any particular joy out of it.  Instead he has an attitude that just seems to say "its just part of the job."  When on personal time though Godric is one to always be out and about.  Parties or even a walk or something to keep his mind and body busy.  Anything to not have to be doing nothing at all. 




Height: 6 2

Weight: 190lbs

Hair Colour and Style: Light brown that is shaggy and unkempt.  Almost to the point where it begins to cover his eyes but not quite.  In the back it is worn at a medium length reaching to the base of his neck.  It is never tied back or anything and rarely brushed.

Eye Colour: Brown

Identifying Marks:  A large tattoo of two red serpents across his body with the bodies of the serpents wrapping around Godric's body before each one begins to come up his arms with a serpent head on the backs of each of his hands.

Skin Tone: Light Olive

Build: Toned

Clothing:  Really he just throws whatever he can find on it doesn't matter too much to him. Normally you will find him in a pair of jeans that may or may not be dirty, and a T shirt. Though he is fond of darker colors and shirts that have witty sayings or pictures on them. From time to time he will have a hat on.

Handiness: Right-handed




Mother: Rebbecca Mathews

Father: Johnathan Mathews

Siblings: N/A

Wife/Girlfriend: N/A


Personal History:


Godric was born in a middle class family in New York.  His father was an Electrician and his mother was a stay at home mom.  An almost dead tradition it seemed.  Like many people living in the North American continent Godric had a very diverse heritage but not an upbringing to match.  He was thrown in to the same homogenized system that every other child was thrown in to.  And like many kids the school system left much to be desired.  He didn't care for English and he hated Math even more.  History was interesting but only because of all of the wars.  What got to Godric the most was that in his early years he was made fun of because of his name.  No one wanted to hang out with the kid that had a freaky name.  So he was stuck being alone more times then not.  That was at least until he started to force people to pay attention to him.


The first time this happened was in his fifth year of schooling when he climbed the roof and got all of the kids out at recess to watch him.  It was with these random acts that he started to become included.  He was no longer the kid with the funny name.  Instead he was the kid that climbed the school.  Or the kid that picked a fight with Billy Stilson and his gang when they were picking on Becky.  It didn't really matter what he did as long as he did something.  And over the years this became a part of him.  Just doing something to do it.  Acting on a whim for fun. 


As he aged he got a bit more reckless doing stupider things.  The most notable of these would be the time he stole a cop car and drove it in to the Hudson river without being busted somehow.  Everyone knew it was pure luck that he hadn't been caught but that didn't matter.  Not to a bunch of high school kids.  To honor his achievement they gave him the rather unimaginative nickname of "God"  Though that was only a small crowd.  Most still called him Godric or even Mathews.  He didn't really care what he was called.  He responded too it.


Perhaps it wasn't all to much of a shock to find out that Godric did graduate from high school.  It was certainly no surprise to find out that he was no where near the top of his class.  Instead he had a nice happy place in the middle of his class ranks and he was perfectly fine to be there.  He couldn't stand studying all day and night.  It was just boring.


Now he was free from the restraints of school and had the burden of getting a job.  At first he mooched off of his parents staying in his old room as he worked his crappy day job at a fast food joint.  And at night he would go out and party.  This is what began his long road off of the more.... traditional workforce.... Things started slow for him.  Nothing big take a package here and drop it off.  Find and seliver a message to this person.  Or even sometimes teach so and so a lesson.  He was given a multitude of odd jobs over his first year out of high school, and they paid well.  Well... enough for him to get a crappy apartment to call his very own. 


Eventually his name started to get around and he found himself with more work.  Bigger jobs.  More dangerous but better pay.  This started with some minor body guarding for people and eventually it led to actual smuggling.  Sometimes he couldn't believe it himself.  But it was true he was actually smuggling.  Mostly Supplies for small rebel groups or independents.  Guns, Food, Medicine.... It was all the same.  He didn't ask questions and he didn't feel bad.  It was easy to not feel bad when you didn't know for sure what you had.  He just always assumed it was food and meds.  As long as he got paid he didn't see a reason to care.  He had to make a living somehow and if he wasn't doing it then someone else would.  Not only that but it was fun.  He was good at it.  Fast speed chases to avoid detection on a small ship with just a single canon for protection.  Dodging asteroids in the Belt, dodging enemy fire, and even doing stunts because he was bored while out in the deep space.  It gave him a bigger rush then anything else.  He couldn't see himself settling down and doing honest work in the near future.  He would miss the thrill of the chase.  Knowing that you came this close to death but gave it the finger instead of going down.  knowing that each day can be your last and living it up.  It was a life that seemed to fit him.  Much better then the drab life that had been awaiting him back home.


This isn't to say he never got busted.  Everyone got busted sooner or later.  Normally a bribe could get you out of trouble but even that wasn't enough all the times.... Sometimes you were busted by and honest cop.  And then there was nothing to do but serve your sentence.  Thats what happened to him on his last run.  He got busted by one of the honest ones.  You know the kind.  Three kids at home with bills to pay.  Blissfully unaware that most of the system is rotten.  Still believeing that he could make a difference in the world.  Well in a way he did.  At least in Godric's own personal universe he did.


Busted for smuggling charges, not a short sentence.  Normally Godric would have been sentenced to at least ten years.  Maybe more, but lucky for him the system was corrupt and he had made a lot of friends and saved a lot of asses.  His sentence was bumped down dramatically to 5 years in prison.  And during his time in prison he did what he could to pass the time.  He read, he worked out, he listened to music.  Anything other then sitting in his cell alone.  He behaved, he didn't want to be put in isolation.  He wasn't sure if he could survive that.


Even with doing what he could to keep himself busy his 5 years in prison was by far the longest 5 years in his life.  But if you thought any of this taught him a lesson then you are a bigger fool then the cops that still think the system is pure with only a few bad eggs.  It seemed like no sooner was he out that he was back to his old tricks again.  Back in business.

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It is a very well thought out and nicely written profile. It is arguably one of the better ones that I have come across in recent times. However, it could have been better if not for the occasional capitalization of words in the middle of sentences. Perhaps you can look into that.


I also find the bit about him doing illegal jobs and getting away with such seeming ease seems a little infeasible. Other than that, I'm satisfied with the profile.

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That's better. I noticed a tendency for you to use fragmented sentence, interrupting the flow of your writing. That may seem like a personal style but it actually makes your composition hard to read. Perhaps your writing style would improve with more RPing.


This profile has been approved. You may now apply for a faction.

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((Time for the Soldiers to adopt the fanciful welcome message))


[align=center]Soldiers of Fire



We are pleased to inform you that you have been short-listed as a recruit of the Soldiers of Fire.


You are to proceed to the Copernicus City where one of our agents will bring you to the Cleostratus lunar base. Details on the meeting place and time have been attached to this document.


We wish you all the best in your time with our organization. We remind you that should you impress us during your stint as a recruit, you stand a chance to be promoted to become a respected Soldier of our organization.


You are welcomed to contact us should you have any queries.



The Soldiers of Fire

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