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Kenji Usima

Kenji Usima

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Full name: Kenji Arian Usima

Nickname: Kenji-Kun

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Race: Coordinator

Occupation: Manager of his adoptive father's small town shop

Birthplace: Junius Seven

Citizenship: PLANTs

Personality: Kenji is usually a kind and generous person with no desire to cause pain to others, he is often seen walking with his childhood sweetheart Artemis Burik. He cares deeply about conflict and fights and believes that war is wrong and will only lead to wrong. With many hidden emotions, Kenji often breaks out into tears in the middle of the night and is comforted by Artemis. When not with his beloved he spends time writing novels or working in his small shop in ORB's capital city.




Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 132.6lbs

Hair Colour and Style: Black, straight hair that is usually kept neat and clean

Eye Colour: Amber

Identifying Marks: -

Skin Tone: Light

Build: Fit and Athletic

Clothing: Kenji is almost always seen wearing an old apron with a white T-Shirt and bleached out jeans since he works a lot. When casual he wears an unbuttoned blue shirt with a whie undershirt and black jeans.

Handiness: Right Handed




Mother: Felecia Reijin (deceased, died during the first Bloody Valentine; Coordinator), Meryl Usima (deceased, killed by a Coordinator; adoptive mother; Natural)

Father: Karius Reijin (deceased, died during the first Bloody Valentine; Coordinator), Daisuke Usima (adoptive father; Natural)

Siblings: Haseo Reijin (unknown older brother; Coordinator)

Wife/Girlfriend: Artemis Burik (childhood sweetheart and current girlfriend; Natural)


Personal History:


Kenji was born on January 2nd, Cosmic Era 68 on the PLANT Colony of Junius Seven. While living on the PLANTs and growing up with the people around him, Kenji slowly developed a shy and quiet side, this resulted in worry in his mother and father. Since their second and youngest son would not speak, they began to worry and felt that if something wasnt done quick that poor, young Kenji would die. While in the emergency room, Karius and Felecia learned that Kenji wasnt sick, but that he was having allergic reactions to dust, causing his throat to swell and stop him from being able to speak. As it turned out, the allergic reactions also caused Kenji's broncial tubes, causing him to develop a case of athsma. Kenji, being the young and shy baby he was, had no idea that the problems he had would effect him forever.


On March 15, CE 69 Kenji had just turned 1 and had slowly began to have fewer and fewer allergic reactions, this raised hope in the rest of the family. His mother, Felecia, held him in her arms for the first time in almost 3 months because of fear that he would only become more sick. During the rejoice of his family, Kenji began to throw a fit, almost injuring Felecia by pulling down a knife rack on her in the midst of curiousity. This event caused Felecia to become scared and feel hated by Kenji, which in fact was not the case, he had just been overly curious. After this event, Karius decided to send Felecia off on a vacation so she could have a break from Kenji and the stress he seemed to induce on her. From then on Karius decided to take care of Kenji from then on, or to me more specific, the day he died.


On Kenji's second birthday he was once again reunited with Felecia, the moment of happiness seemed like it would last forever, but the small family would soon learn that happiness never was forever. While with his grandparents in a shuttle on the way to October City, Kenji saw brilliant lights, the lights of several nuclear explosions. At first, being the young and ambitious boy he was, Kenji thought they were fireworks for Valentines Day. He laughed and clapped his hands at the sight of the lights and gazed at them in awe, but soon realized that it wasnt as he thought. Looking at his grandparents, Kenji noticed a look of worry on their faces and looked back to his home, for the last time. Later on, his grandparents explained to Kenji that his parents died in an attack carried out by the Earth Allaince. The news confused Kenji at first, but soon came to realize it the best way a child could that he'd never see his mother and father again.


Kenji was then sent to ORB not to soon after to live with the Usima family and try to start his life over again with a new family. His days with the Usima family were long and happy, causing Kenji to develop a kind and soft personality. At the time of his 14 birthday, Kenji had almost completely forgotten about Karius and Felecia, coming to the conclusion that the Usima's were his real family. On March 13, CE 82 Kenji was helping his new father Daisuke at his shop when he met Artemis Burik, a girl that had been living next door to him. Completely captivated by her beauty, Kenji instantly fell in love with her and made an immediate attempt to become her friend. The two of them spent time together and grew closer and closer every day, Kenji began to feel as if she was his one true love.


Artemis and Kenji celebrated their first anniversary as a couple on March 14, CE 84. On the way to visit his beloved Artemis, Kenji noticed something wrong with the Usima family shop and went to investigate. There, he found the dead body of Meryl Usima, his adoptive mother. Scared and full of sadness, Kenji ran to Artemis' house and called Daisuke, telling him the news of Meryl's death. Daisuke told Kenji to remain there with Artemis until things were sorted out and left to visit some officers, leaving Kenji with Artemis to greive on the sad moment. Upon the heartbreak, Kenji and Artemis found closure and went to bed. After Kenji woke the next day he recieved notice that he was to leave ORB and return to the PLANTs, he quietly woke Artemis and told her of the news, kssing her and promising his return. Before departing, Kenji gave Artemis a necklace, asking her not to forget him or their love. She cried, agreeing to hold out for him, and Kenji left.


Kenji turned 17 some time after the incident and returned home to see Artemis, finding she had kept her promise and held out for him. Full of happiness and release of surpressed feelings, Kenji and Artemis fell asleep in each others arms. As his feelings on fighting and death slowly raised, Kenji vowed to stay with Artemis and protect her, building a small house on out on the ORB countryside. Kenji and Artemise remained together, watching a number of beautiful sunsets and gazed at the stars together for countless nights. Since returning, Kenji has begun to work at Daisuke's shop in Main City, ORB to help support Artemis and himself.

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Upon the heartbreak, Kenji and Artemis found closure and went to bed, eventually having sex later in the night.
Full of happiness and release of surpressed feelings, Kenji and Artemis had sex for the second time

Explicit material such as that is forbidden from the website, please remove it.


Other than that however it seems fine.

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[align=center]Orb Union Bureau of Citizenry

Kusanagi City, United Emirates of Orb[/align]


This is to certify that Mr. Kenji Arian Usima is a naturalized citizen of the United Emirates of Orb, and is to be accorded with the same rights as all other loyal citizens of the Orb Union.


Furthermore, this citizen is an enlisted soldier in the Federation of Royal Emirates Elite (FREE) Forces, holding the rank of Private, with duties and responsibilities thereof.


Signed and Noted by:

Representative Alvielle Torren


Welcome to the FREE Forces, Kenji.


Start Rping!

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