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I am not very active because....


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Ok, i realize that this is a bit of a "spammy" type of general discussion, but y'know, i'm trying to stir some activity on the forum by starting this . So i'm asking, whats occupying your time so much that you cant inject some activity into here (bad grammar, and don't get me wrong, i'm not saying this in a negative tone ). For example, do you have any other commitments (lol, besides living a normal life), good or bad ones? Homework extremely heavy? Winning the Bread? Reasons like that lol


Customarily, i begin . Although i'm not too involved with the mods and admin, i do check in a lot. I guess the only reason that I wont check in is either because of an upcoming test/assignment or im not in the mood


So, answer away!

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For me, I have plenty of interests going on. Writing fanfiction, gaming (though not as much now), reading books and newspapers, browsing through other forums that don't concern themselves with role playing, manga and anime and of course the much needed sleep.

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