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Makoto Shirasu

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Makoto Shirasu


Full name: Makoto Shirasu
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 130 lbs
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: White
Skin: Fair
Handiness: Right Handed



Makoto can be quite vain, valuing one’s general appearance and aesthetic more often than not. While not necessarily snobby, this strive for elegance can make him come across as unfriendly. In reality, he’s insecure about himself and feels the need to be this way in order to make himself feel better.



An only child, Makoto’s parents were professional photographers who were frequently out of town. While his parents always wished he’d follow in their footsteps, Makoto’s interests in fashion began to form instead when he was young. While his classmates preferred to watch the newest Rider or Ultra show, his eyes would be locked onto the newest beauty event. This passion eventually turned into a legitimate skill as he got older, creating extravagant clothing combinations. 


As the president of Kantai Academy’s Fashion Club, him and his attendees were able to win a new awards in their districts various competitions. However, as Makoto became more aggressive with his tastes, prioritizing his own designs over all else’s, eventually they had enough. Ousted from the club, Makoto was left with no choice but to join another club…


The photography club. He felt that maybe his parents were right in taking up their interests, but this spot in the club didn’t last long after “the incident”. With no other choice, the Gunpla club seemed to be the only place left that’ll accept new applicants, but would he rise to new heights there or fail once again?

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