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Kiel Flar


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Note: Here is my very, very, very late profile. Er, I should have elaborated more on certain areas! Ah, but anyways, people, rip it apart with criticism! I was riddled with writer's block while typing this, so parts may be sketchy. I realized... it's really short.

Note to self as well: Elaborate more on the last paragraph. o_o-b





Full name: Kiel Flar

Nickname: Kiel

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Race: Coordinator

Occupation: One of the admirals of the Free Forces.

Birthplace: City of Kusanagi, the capital of Orb.

Citizenship: Orb

Personality: An avid observer, this trait allows him to pick up on many details and other miscellaneous hints. He doesn’t talk a lot, preferring to keep to himself, but when he does he occasionally uses analogies to explain the topic in the current conversation.  Although he is withdrawn, he’s not afraid to tell his opinions on a situation. Due to Kiel's observance, he tends to speak philosophically at times in a placid manner.


With great caution, Kiel also is careful not to cause disputes between peers. Kiel’s usually kind to others, treating them with respect and following the overused golden rule of treating others the way you would treat yourself. Despite this, he does not particularly like acts of affection, always reacting awkwardly and jerking out of the way.


On the battlefield, he is usually found standing calmly, thinking about a strategy or a plan to get out of a mess.




Height: 6’1”

Weight: 135 lbs.

Hair Colour and Style: Semi-long, dark brown hair that hovers over his eyes and sways towards the side.

Eye Colour: A pale brown that contrasts with his hair, making them more noticeable.

Identifying Marks: Kiel’s fatigue ridden, half-lidded eyes that usually make Kiel appear lazy and tired all the time.

Skin Tone: His skin is tanned to the point where it’s somewhat noticeable.

Build: A build with dense muscles, giving him a skinny and deceptive silhouette.

Clothing: Kiel wears the official FREE Forces uniform, following suit with the other militants. When not wearing the FREE Forces attire he resorts to a warm, brown jacket, dark-blue jeans, and a black t-shirt. Basically, he dresses for comfort rather than appeal. There’s always a handgun concealed from sight in his FREE Forces uniform at all times just as a precaution as well.

Handiness: Left-handed.




Mother: Taryn Monistique-Flar (Now Flar due to marriage)

Father: Kelarn Flar

Siblings: None.

Wife/Girlfriend: None, due to Kiel’s awkward reactions towards simple acts of affection and his disinterest in relationships due to the more important issues at hand.


Personal History:

Kiel was born into the Flar family in the City of Kusanagi in the year of CE 55. He was an only child due to the fact that his parents were older and weren’t able to get a child of their own. Kiel grew up without almost any acts of affection. His parents didn’t give him tiny pecks on the forehead before tucking him in to sleep or even hug him. Plus, the parent's of Kiel's parents did the same to them as well, stripping their children of affection and love. All in all, Kiel’s parents didn’t know what to do since they had no earlier experience in parenting. This led to Kiel becoming very responsive to affectionate acts, sometimes scaring away friends or other family.  Despite this, he was a fair-mannered child, being obedient at times and caring heavily about his schoolwork. He also liked to see his parents smile at him when he received good grades since he took it as a replacement for a hug. Kiel had a fond interest in history and developed a passion for the strategies in war.


Not being one of the most popular kids around, Kiel still had a group of friends to be with. They were reliable and just, but there was always the stereotypical rotten apple in the oranges. Having very good grades throughout the school semesters, he was envied and picked on slightly, but he tried to ignore it. He tried to, but that eventually was made to be fruitless. Kiel then found an outlet to his anger in dancing. He took lessons and dancing soon became second nature to him as it provided a way to release his energy. Because of this, Kiel adores school dances, exhibiting his skills to the beat of the music. This led to girls asking him out, but soon they discovered Kiel’s resistance to endearment and left him single. Kiel doesn’t like to talk about his dislike of affectionate feats. When asked about his single-ness he prefers to say he’s “romantically challenged” instead of being single or does not even answer at all. Even if Kiel didn’t have this problem he would most likely focus on his military work anyway.


When the threat of war came to become a reality Kiel found two children (One Natural and one Coordinator) arguing midst themselves. They blamed each other’s race for starting the war and slowly grew violent by swinging punches. Kiel immediately came up to them and calmed them down. That was when he came to a conclusion about the war. The war was like a stupid, petty, childish fight over a destiny that couldn’t be decided by one ’s self. Besides, Kiel acknowledged the fact that you couldn’t choose to be a Natural or a Coordinator yourself. Kiel also cemented the belief that the war’s two idealisms were opinion, not fact. He thinks it’s all based on personal belief that manipulated the followers of the leaders, thus causing one side to believe the worst of the other side and vice-versa. This revelation rooted his belief in Orb’s ideals and eventually contributed to his decision of joining the Orb military later in his years.


His parents accepted the fact that their son wanted to join the military and thus supported his decision. Kiel went with a satisfied heart to be recruited and started his life as a Private. With some luck and his diligence in many factors, Kiel was quickly promoted through the ranks, being one of the handfuls that passed through to the next tier when he was still a Private. He trained hard and practiced his marksmanship, improving drastically with his gun (His liking of marksmanship was probably from his excessive playing of Cowboys and Indians). Piloting also proved to interest him more in the military and that led to him doing mobile suit exercises. His determination to stop the conflicts never displayed any hesitance or doubt. This fiery determination led him to non-stop sessions of practice, ultimately resulting in immense fatigue. That is how his half-lidded eyes became his trademark, since he was tired all the time.


Leading many successful squadrons while in the Senior Command, this propelled him to make more achievements in the military. His name was slowly being recognized as one of the more successful captains and majors of the FREE forces. Eventually and with hard work, he rose to the rank of Admiral, becoming one of the top officers due to his quick, calm, and strategic thinking in the fierce heat of battle. With this promotion, ironically, he seemed rather displeased by the event. It seemed rather surreal for him. Kiel felt the eyes staring upon him and the immense faith in his actions. He transferred into the mindset that he couldn’t make a mistake or a simple error. Unfortunately, this makes him feel extremely guilty when something goes wrong. Even though he’s still influenced by this pressure, Kiel still remains to be one of the most polished and refined officers of the FREE Forces.


Random Facts



- Origami.

- History.

- Fish eyeballs. (He likes to eat them sometimes.)

- Musicals and drama productions.

- Dancing.



- Braggarts, exaggerators, & show-offs.

- Perverts.

- Mismatched socks. (This appalls him to a great degree.)

- Tangy mustard sauce.

- Reality T.V.

- Soap Operas

- Clowns


Random Facts:

- Kiel is coulrophobic because of a childhood incident in which he was influenced by images of a clown that was heavily manipulated with dark humour and horror attributes. One of his friends was responsible for that because he showed him a site of distorted clowns as a joke. It turns out the joke wasn't really a joke, but a traumatizing experience for Kiel.

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