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My Art lol pweeze dont laugh

Sylia Rose

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Ive decided to try and get into the whole colouring and whatever you call it by making a new pic out of old ones




This was bronan but hes just being used in a photo im making for a future character of robs, I actually prefer this version ot the original bronan as I think the darker colours work better




This was just a VERY rough colour guide for what colour im doing for this guy, im making it so he matches his mobile suit




This is the guys custom MS (I know the academy isnt open and he may not even get the mecha but its cool!) I made it after watching Stargazer and loved the Noir's stubby beam cannons.




An unfinished sword pack add on, not gonna finish it tho as a Windam cannot mount a sword striker pack due to the shoulder thrusters.


There ya go what do ya think

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