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Orb Week: Who cares?


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[move][align=center]Orb Foundation Week![/align][/move]


That boring tag was plastered all over Kusanagi City, and everyone was celebrating their homes foundation. Yay! Not. For a kid like Dimitri, there was nothing to celebrate other than increased security and reduced alcohol prices. So in his case, it was a very sarcastic celebration. He was pretty sure he'd still be in the clear, but he was always paranoid during times when the security councils were making sure everything in their databases was legit. Leaning against the wall next to the timeclock at 1337 Games, all he could think about was the possibility of getting caught. Such a big event could lead to an assassination. That possibility led to a rise in security measures, and such and increase meant his digital forgeries may very well be found. Stressful, which was exactly why he was downing soda like it was water. Overloading on caffeine made him feel much more calm.


A few more ticks of the clock, and Dimitri finally punched in his code to clock out for the day. Sure, it wasn't an ethical practice, but he didn't want to get ripped off when he had only a minute or two before the fifteen minute marks that the clocks timed people on. And at minimal living wage, he needed all the money he could get. But the store frowned on overtime, since a 150% pay rate was the legal amount for any worker going over 40 hours of work in one week. Kind of depressing really. That was one of the many, many reasons why he was looking for a change in his life. Settling down in one place while he had the possibility of being arrested by several groups was also another good reason to get his rear moving. It would be just plain dumb to stay in one place too long.


Walking out the front door, wearing a white jacket over his black company shirt, he stuck a toothpick in his mouth and nibbled on the tip with his canines. Nervous habit. The street was pretty empty today, since the parade was supposed to bust through the street sometime. They probably had sealed it off to vehicles recently. It made it all the easier for him to cross as he went to his usual haven, 'The Platinum Mark'. No, not some corner pub, but a large arcade across the street. They were usually busy, and today was actually kind of calm, since most people were getting ready for the parade or celebrating. There were still the usual groups of people, all out to have fun on a celebratory day. And some of the arcade regulars were there too. It was possible that some of these people were off-duty soldiers too. He never liked to pry into other people's private lives. After all, he didn't like it when people tried to dive into his private life.

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