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Re: Battle: Looking For A Battle!

Mal Fain

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I think we're pretty good with your weapon restriction as far as mobile suits are concerned. As for the arena I believe the gladiatorial standard* would be perfect. It may not have the beauty and cover of a urban battlefield but its dirt floor and open sky would provide more than enough space for our respective mobile suits to maneuver.


Would that work for you?


*An example can be found here.

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Thanks but no thanks, a useful little thing it may be but it still creeps me out. It's like putting your hand through a dog's head and using its jaws as a weapon *shudder*.


I've got no problem starting the topic, it may not be until a little later on though as I'm heading out to the gym soon.

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Technically, your Restrictions on MS should read "MBF-P02 Astray Red Frame w/ flight pack, Aegis Gundam".


In any case, I'll volunteer to be your referee. Also, unless one of you states otherwise, I shall assume that "Gladiatorial Replica" means "empty arena". (I've seen the pic, but seeing as one can't get beyond the gates of the walls without getting disqualified, I'm considering it empty, but artful.)


I shall approve this battle after acceptance by both parties. Please ensure that both of you are up-to-date on the Coliseum Rules, especially the new loss conditions, as well as the turn order stated in the new Player's Guide.

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The empty arena setting works perfectly for me. It seems much more plausible that we would fight there with respect to the larger building. As for the rules, I believe that I'm up to date. The decapitation loss condition reminds me of G Gundam but that is not necessarily a bad thing.


Thus, I accept to fight by these conditions against Mal Fain and his MBF-P02 Astray Red Frame.

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