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Strike Lightning vs Strike Rouge , Kaizer vs Sylia Rose


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((Referee for this match is Wilhelm, and is between Kaizer and Sylia Rose.  Kaizer will be going under the Colliseum Alias of Psycho Soldiers member Mignon Beart.))


A gray mobile suit stood on one edge of the circular battlefield, matching the color scheme of the buildings that made up the bulk of the mock city that had been built; only with the intent to be destroyed.  Inside the mobile suit, slender, pale-skinned fingers skipped across the controls gracefully.  Typing out in an artistic sonate of computer code, those slender fingers slowly brought the grey mobile suit to life; a groan escaping the aging suit's limbs as its pneumatic limbs were pumped full of fresh life.  Soon thereafter, a soft hissing sound could be heard as tiny particles spread across the surface of the mobile suit, giving color to its otherwise dull limbs, and accentuating the large backpack it was mounted with.  Blue and white, with hints of red spread across the suit as the hissing ceased and the yellow eyes of the Lightning Strike Gundam flashed with life.  The intimidating mood brought on by the arrival of said gundam was alleviated when the high-pitched voice of its pilot called out across an open channel,


"A-chan and Ku-chan left me all alone, but that doesn't mean I can't play a few games on my own!  PS armor activated, all systems go!  Mignon Beart, I light the stage with my starlit entrance!"

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The Strike Rouge shuddered as the lift ascended towards the battlefield, the only illumination coming from the dim orange lights every 10 foot or so, illuminating the Strike Rouges grey frame briefly as the lift passed the light source.


Inside the cockpit hands moved quickly over the keyboard final preparations had been made, pessingy keys not so much with elegance but raw speed.


The O.S. came online:




Neuro - Link




G.U.N.D.A.M Synthesis System[/align]


The green writing of the text illuminating on the dark visor of the pilot, who apart form being undoubtidly female was covered in a non descript red flight suit with helmet and a dark visor.  The only visible logo was a broken heart on the side of her helmet.


The hatchway on top began to open, pale beams of moonlight pierced through the gap and illuminated the strike rouge,  seizing the opportunity the pilot leapt into the air firing only the Rouge's in built thrusters to clear the opening,  Once free of the gap the Pilot deployed the Aile Striker pack.


Reveling in the kick as the larger thrusters kicked in and took the strike rouge air borne as its eyes llight with a fierce light and its red pink colouration spread throughout the entire suit.


Taking the strike rouge above the urban city scape she flew just above bulding level.  the dark and dreary bulidings fanning out beneath her.


"A-chan and Ku-chan left me all alone, but that doesn't mean I can't play a few games on my own!  PS armor activated, all systems go!  Mignon Beart, I light the stage with my starlit entrance!" came over the open com


This should be quick the pilot thought and headed for the active MS on her radar,no one who talks like that could actually fight..

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"Ano.... now where is my opponent at?"


Mignon glanced down at her radar for a moment, her suit remaining motionless as she locked onto the only moving target on her radar.  Looking upwards to get a visual, Mignon's eyes shined brightly as she looked at the bright reddish-pink colourings of her opponents mobile suits; It was just like A-chan's suit!  Mignon had always been a little jealous of Athena for being the most famous member of their team, and having a chance to take down one of A-chan's suits, regardless of who piloted it, would be a good chance to blow off some of that steam.


"My Strike's more than just a pretty face; lemme show you!"  She called out towards her opponent as she drew her Type 70-31 electromagnetic cannon from its arm mounts.  Her cannon was her suit's only real weapon, but it was more than enough to get the job done, and it was something that few other pilots ever used; so Mignon felt like she was a little more unique for using it.  Unlike a Launcher Striker's cannon, her weapon was stored in two pieces, and could then be combined when it was needed; making her Lightning Strike a more stream-lined and agile suit, though her large battery pack still weighed her down.  Holding her combined cannon with both arms, Mignon's Strike braced itself for the recoil as she angled the weapon towards her opponent, pulling the trigger thrice and sending deadly bolts of electromagnetic energy streaking in a collision course with the opposing Strike Rouge.


"Fire!  Fire!  Fire!  A-chan's suit won't stand a chance against my glimmering assault!"

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This battle looks has been inactive for 2 days, but I'll give it one more day. If that condition isnt met with a valid Rp I  declare this battle over, and  both opponents will be been disqualified.


* Due to information provided by Kaizer, this battle is postponed until the combatants decide to return. *

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