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Coliseum Rules


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1. No god modding

2. No SEED mode or Newtypes

3. If a player does not post within the time limit, then he or she forfeits the battle

4. Both parties must submit rules of engagements for each battle and both must agree with it.

5. A referee's decision is final

6. You need a character profile for the RP or at least 50 posts to play here

7. You do not need a Mobile Weapons Piloting License from the academy to play here

8. You do not need to use your character from the main forums to play here

9. Players may only participate in up to FOUR battles at a time


These rules are subject to change as we work out the bugs.


Rules of Engagement

One party must set up the rules of engagement and the other party needs to decide whether or not they want to abide by those.  Before the battle begins these must be finalized.


Please state the following:


Number of Competitors + teams if applicable


Restrictions on MS

Battle Mode (Including whether or not the Point system will be used)


Time Limit

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Coliseum Guide


The Coliseum is an arena for Mobile Weapon pilots to pit themselves against one another. The pilots get to choose from a list of standard mobile weapons that they can use in the battles. However, there are special events where pilots are allowed to use their own mobile weapon to compete in the arena.


You are allowed to use an alias to participate in this event. For example, you can take up the name of the "Undertaker" or the "Rock".


Please note that the events in the Coliseum are not related to the RP in anyway.


There are basically two broad categories of battles that players can participate in. The skirmishes can be played by player on an unofficial basis just for the fun of it. Official skirmish battles would be accompanied with enticing rewards for the winning player or team. The Destiny League is a season long event.



Free Battle

Players may design their own battle featuring what MW they use, battlefield and any restrictions in place.


One-on-One Battle

The name pretty much sums up this category.


Power Duel

This is a two-on-one duel. Usually, two mobile weapon pilots team up against a better armed pilot.


Double Team Challenge

Two teams of two pit themselves in this trial of both skill and teamwork.


Triumph of Trios

Teams of three may compete against each other for a rank standing, they may compete as many times as they want and the scoring system works similarly as the Destiny League. Battles are not scheduled.


Five-a-Side Match

Two teams of five challenge to defeat the other team. There may be certain objectives assigned to each team, which they must complete before they can be considered victors.


Royal Rumble

In this crazy match, multiple contestants battle in the arena. The last man standing is declared the winner.




This is a tournament in which players are randomly assigned a partner to duel with. The victor proceeds to the next round and is assigned an opponent. This goes on until the finals, which would determine the champion, the Highlander.


Destiny League

Teams of three compete in a round-robin league. Each match consists of three 1v1 battles between the respective players. The best out of three wins the match and earns three points for their team, the loosing team earns none. Should the event a draw occurs then a final battle shall be played 1v1 between selected members in both teams.


Each team is allowed to submit a team line-up consisting four members. Before each match, the team captains are to inform the referee of their three combatants as well as the order which the players will battle. The fourth player would be allowed to substitute the combatants in any rounds. There is no limit to the number of substitutions made. However, any damages to the substitute's mobile weapon would be carry over to the next round. If the substitute is incapacitated in the previous round, the team would then have no substitute to fall upon.


Champions League

Each team is allowed to submit a team line-up consisting four members. At any point of time in the match, only three players per team are allowed in the arena. There is no limit to the number of substitutions made. However, every substitution would require the approval of the referee.


The team captain would have to inform the referee via the public communications channel to request for a substitution to be made. Should the team captain be substituted, a temporary captain would have to be appointed and the referee should be informed of the appointment. This captain would have the right to request for substitutions.


The referee will decide when to pause the match to allow the substitution to be made. The referee would ensure that the team that has the advantage does not lose the upper hand due to the substitution. This is to ensure that neither team would be subjected to unfair treatment. For example, a player from Team A is being pinned down by an attack from Team B. If Team A requests for a substitution and it is allowed immediately, the match would be stopped and Team B would lose the hard-fought advantage.


In other words, substitutions are only allowed to be made for the tactical purpose of switching to a mobile weapon with a more suitable weapon array, or to replace an incapacitated or damaged team mate.



Note Well: Battle restrictions vary from event to event!


If you are interested in taking part in the competition, check the

Coliseum News for the latest event available for signing up.


However, if you wish to have an unofficial battle feel free to post up a topic about it and look for opponents in the main forum. Thanks!


[align=center]© 2005-2006 Advent Destiny.

Please refer to here for more copyright information.[/align]

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Rules for battle end

If one of these following rules has been accomplished in battle then the participant has lost.


Mobile suit has lost its head

Mobile suit has lost both its arms

Mobile suit has been fully disarmed, aka weapons destroyed

Mobile suit has no energy left

If the time limit for that participant has passed

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A Gladiator's Guide to Getting Started in the Coliseum - Re-Written by Rad


1. Before making or accepting any challenges, a prospective gladiator must be qualified to participate in the Coliseum. A prospective gladiator is qualified if they either a) have an approved character profile for the actual RPG, or b) have made at least 50 posts.


Note that if you qualify under (a), then you do not need to use your approved character in the Coliseum. Should you still choose to do so, remember that the role-plays in the Coliseum do not affect the main storyline in any way.


2. If you are looking for a challenge to accept, check the Coliseum's main section for threads with the label "Battle:" in front of the thread's title, and post your interest. If you are looking to open a challenge of your own, begin a thread with the label "Battle:" before your thread's title. In either case, the thread's originator is called the Battle Starter.


The first post usually indicates the Rules of Engagement (RoE). This is the set of restrictions that the Battle Starter wishes to adopt for the match. Some restrictions include the type of match, number of total gladiators, team placement, types of mobile weapons allowable, etc. Refer to the first post of these Coliseum Rules for other information that the RoE should provide.


3. If you accepted someone's challenge, wait until the Battle Starter acknowledges and/or accepts you. If you are the Battle Starter, wait until other gladiators post their interest, then acknowledge and/or accept them.


When there are at least two gladiators in opposing sides in the match (the Battle Starter and one opponent), any player may then discuss and negotiate the terms stated in the RoE. If the terms of the match change at any point, one of the gladiators (preferably the Battle Starter), must post an updated version of the RoE.


Before moving on to the next step, all gladiators involved in the match must post their acceptance of the RoE.


4. One gladiator (preferably the Battle Starter) must post a request for a referee at the Request a Referee section, and provide a link to their Battle thread. A referee (who must not be included in the battle) will eventually post on the Battle thread, stating their acceptance of the position. The referee will then either: state that the Battle is approved to begin, or state that there are certain issues about the Battle that need to be resolved. Issues, if any, must be resolved, before the referee may again be asked for approval.


5. Once approved, the Battle Starter (or an appointeee) must begin a thread in the Battle Arena section with the same title as the Battle thread, but without the 'Battle:' label. In this first post, only the gladiator's entry into the arena will be permitted. Afterwards, all other gladiators in the match must also post their respective entry into the arena.


Once all gladiators have been accounted for, the referee will post to officially begin the match with the first Battle Round.


6. During each Battle Round, each gladiator makes a role-play post to declare their combat actions. In the case of team-based matches, no two members of the same team may post directly after one other; an opponent of the team must first be allowed to post before another member of the team may do so.


After all gladiators have posted, the referee will make a post with rulings and/or a tally of points scored for the Battle Round.


Whatever the referee rules must be followed, but if you think that a ruling was not fair or was incorrect, you may appeal to the Lead Referee: winders. In such appeals, the Lead Referee's ruling is final.


7. If no victory conditions have been met, the match continues to the next Battle Round, and Step 6 is repeated. Note that, for succeeding Battle Rounds, the order of postings by the gladiators in the first Battle Round should be strictly observed.


8. Once a victory condition has been met, the referee immediately posts that the battle is over, voiding any posts done after the victory condition was met. The referee will then tally the scores, if any, then post the results of the match in the Battle Records section.

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The Referee’s Handbook


Check the request a referee thread as much as possible, only take the jobs you can do on your time schedule.

If you take a job, you are expected to post in the RoE thread (challenge thread) approving of the rules of engagement (make sure it is fair mecha-wise unless they specifically handicap), ensure that all participants have an approved character profile OR 50 posts on their account before allowing the participants to begin their battle thread.


Battle order must be done in a fashion that one player in one team goes, then another in a different team then a different player in the first team and so on. EG: Player 1 Team 1, Player 2 Team 2, Player 3 Team 1, etc.

Make sure it is: team 1, team 2, team 1, team 2; players may decide who in their team is in first place or who is in second place; but battle order IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE should all participants in the match, and the referee involved agree to the change.


Once the battle thread has begun you are expected to let the participants post entries with their MS. After which you should post to announce that the battle may begin officially. Ensure that each participant has entered the battle with their desired mecha.


If a participant does not post within the time limit they are disqualified, for example:

In a 1v1 duel, the battle is forfeited.

In team battle, the player only is d/qed, the rest of the team may compete

In battle royale, they are d/qed


Once it has begun you are expected to post after each combat round (everyone has had a turn) and correct any god-mods.

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