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list of members for each question -req-

Guest Mia

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is there gonna be a list of members for each of the four factions?


just a reminder, but the link EA under factions' broken. I had to type ea in replacement to view the page  tut tut tut joooooooob

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>_____> it was just so that I wouldnt have to start two topics poooo


wont ya show us the list? =(


one more thing...is there a limitation of ms/ma you can choose from depending on which faction u join?


e.g. EA pilots cant get Destiny

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Winders got it right, we're keeping track of members as we get them, though I don't think that having a public list of members is such a bad idea; we'll have to wait and see on that.  As for MS, all the factions already have a set list of MS to which they can use (EA has daggers and windams, ZAFT gets Ginns and Zakus, Orb with Astrays and Murasames, Mercs with Raystas), and they will be assigned to members depending on rank and such; I won't go into detail as I don't know that much about it myself, so just wait until you get your MW liscense and for Valiant to make an announcement about the system.

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