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Hot Shot


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Hot Shot


“wwwwooooooohhoooooo!!!! I'm feeling a need for some speed!”


FACTION: Autobot


RANK: Private - Scout




Brash and Hot Headed, Hot Shot isn't known for his cool head. He more often than not thinks with his gearbox over his cranial circuits, it does nothing but get him in trouble. Hot Shot will do anything to prove he is the best, at what you ask? The answer is everything, whether he is or isn't.




Hot shot is a medium sized scout build, however he will try to tell you he's a warrior bot. Most of Hot Shots color scheme is black with green and silver accents. When I'm robot mode Hot Shot has a visor on his head that he can drop down to help with looking really cool, oh and in combat it can assist in targeting. With his obsession for speed Hot Shot can transform into a sleek aerodynamic cybertronian racer.


Alternate Modes and weapons


Vehicle Mode- at current Hot shot has his Cybertronian Racer mode. Mostly black but with all 4 wheels on the ground Hot Shot can take off at Mach speed. There isn't a bot faster (he thinks)


Armaments- Hot Shot has 2 weapons he uses for wrecking Cons 

First is his 

Ion Blaster: a small blaster able to do decent damage but it's not fast enough for the king of speed. 

Secondly is his preferred weapon

Windshield Blades: his windshields can slide out of his arms allowing him a bit of up close and personal crash time



In Hot Shots early days he wasn't big on the war and didn't care much. That was till the war moved in on his home turf. After that Hot Shot took to the streets for some Crash and Dash, and after a while he caught the attention of both sides. Eventually Hot Shot met Sentinel Prime who offered him to assist in a new mission, however Hot Shot refused all he wanted was to race over the tracks of Cybertron. 


It wasn't long after that he was captured by the decepticons. Tortured and damaged Hot Shot finally knew unless the Autobots changed their strategy there wasn't a way to win this war. Through a small miracle Hot Shot was able to escape and raced back to the Big Bot. Once he returned after shaking any Con tails he accepted the job. Sentinel Prime told him that to heal up he would need to spend time in a Stasis pod till hope had reached its mission. Hot Shot agreed and after entering the pod his peaceful travels began...or did they?

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