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Gender: Female

Eyes: Yellow

Hair: Naturally Black

Skin: Light-Skinned

Handiness: Right

Hometown: Cianwood City

Region: Johto

Relatives: Kianna (Mother)

Trainer Class: Unknown



Rough and touble, but fiercely loyal. Viria is the type of person to appreciate her alone time more than others, but also appreciates having friends or family being available should she need them. She's loud and proud, willing to say anything on her mind if she feels like it has to be said, and willing to do whatever it is her friends need her to do.


Viria usually wears a hand me down sailor outfit from her mother, who previously got it from her own mother, and so on and so forth, she walks around with a backpack that was also a hand me down, it carries everything she needs, generally she wears boots, but does own a pair of sneakers for more formal events.


Viria came from a family of sailors, ones that fished and sailed across the seas near Cianwood despite the powerful, crashing waves that became the city's calling card, her grandfather and great grandfather both became rather well known for their escapades sailing the high seas with their pokemon, Viria's mother would regail her with these stories in lieu of her fathers disappearance prior to her own birth. She never thought much of it though, and did her best to help her mother around the house, and even doing some odd jobs around the place.. truth be told though, she wished for more, those old stories did leave a mark on her after all..




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