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Kage Temple


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Name: Kage Temple

Nicks: Cagey

Age: 19

Race: (3rd) generation coordinator

Occupation: ORB FREE soldier

Birthplace: Onogoro Island

Citizenship: ORB

Personality: stubborn, not open to change, idealist, has a preference to stealth and not blind firepower


Personal characteristics




Height: 5, 9

Weight: 165

Hair Colour and Style: Black/Brown

Eye Colour: Hazel

Identifying Marks: Scar/bald spot on left side of the head

Skin Tone: light Brown

Build: Average height, medium build

Clothing: On duty can be found wearing ORB military fatigues, off duty wears black jogging pants with a white stripe going from the top to the bottom on both sides, wears a black T shirt and wears running shoes.


Handiness: Ambidextrous




Mother: Amelia Wes (MIA)

Father: Jonathan Temple (MIA)

Siblings: None

Wife/Girlfriend: None


Personal History:


Kage lived in Onogoro until he was 5 years old, as both his mother and father were part of the ORB military he learned the ways of war early.


Much of his childhood was spent alone; his parents seeking to raise a son with a deep military background instilled a deep sense of military discipline and self-confidence into him. His father holding a being a 1st lieutenant in the ORB military was one of the first pilot’s to be selected to pilot the first of ORB’s MS’s specifically he piloted the MBF-M1 Astray. His mother being a CiC commander took part in both the opening battles of ORB vs. the EA during the first Bloody Valentine and once again during the 2nd when ZAFT attacked ORB.  However they were eventually overrun by superior forces, and are now listed as MIA.


After his parents were listed as MIA he was forced to join the hundreds and thousands of orphans that lost their parents in the wars. From what he saw, out of everyone that suffers because of war the children suffer the most, he then later enlisted in the ORB FREE military to make certain that a repeat of the two wars never happens and to make certain that if it did happen to safeguard the civilians of ORB to the best of his ability and has become a career soldier in the FREE military.

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A rather nice and straightforward profile.


Just one minor detail to address.  The first of Orb's MS were introduced in the first war and were exclusively Astrays.  It was only just before the 2nd war in which Murasames and their variants (including the Ootsukigata) replaced a large portion of the mainline Astrays.  If you want your character's father to still play a role as one of the first pilots, he'd be piloting an MBF-M1 Astray. 

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