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Erin Rockwell



Full name: Ellen “Erin” Rockwell

Faction: Zeon Remnants

Rank: Acting Commander

Age: 29 years old

Sex: Female

Weight: 61kg

Height: 1,71m

Eyes: Dark brown, no contacts

Hair: Raven black, undyed

Skin: Fair skin

Handiness: Right-handed


A serious woman and a competent leader whenever the situation requires it, Erin Rockwell is, however, a very different person with those who have gained her trust, and her whole three years of hiding in a huge subterranean complex below the South African savannah with other Zeonic remnants have turned her into a close friend to each of her subordinates first, then their commanding officer, always caring for their general well-being and future. Unable to hide her humanity and her own problems from them as a side effect, many of her comrades help her out in tough times just like she uses to help them. As for new faces, she is more open towards accepting them into the group than the rest, even though she is cautious towards their possible intentions at first.

Strengths and weaknesses

While not an exceptionally strong Mobile Suit pilot, she can hold her own in battle, and has a clearly defined combat style, influenced by injuries sustained during the previous war which make her pulse highly unstable, her hands usually trembling when she's tense. This combined with her aggressivity in combat makes her unfit for conventional combat, though she can act as a sniper, if given adequate weaponry, by greatly reducing the controller sensitivity so the crosshairs will slowly move on a general direction. She has, however, embraced close-quarters combat as her way of facing the enemy, equipping her Gouf Custom with a Dom's heat saber and adding spread to its machine gun to increase the odds of it hitting something at close range, while needing to quickly close in on far-away enemies for an engagement to be possible. She is also charismatic and sociable, though it is through this that her fellow soldiers know she has been in trouble before because of alcohol, and even though she has been helped by the scarcity of such a commodity in the hideout, unwelcome memories always find their way into her, prompting her to find a retreat in the nearest bottle of booze whenever available.


A mildly attractive woman that isn't without her faults, Erin is most easily described as an average-height, Caucasian woman with a fit build and long, messy black hair. Perharps the most remarkable thing about her appearance is her aversion to showing her hands and lower arms, usually sporting long gloves of varying designs, from bulky pairs not unlike those of the Red Comet himself to mere leather gloves. Aside from this, she usually only wears a white top with long sleeves, olive green cargo pants and brown work boots, only donning her Zeon regalia on important occasions, and when inside the subterranean complex, due to a risk of being found by the Titans if she's ever to wear such clothing outside.


On January the 7th of UC 0054, on one of the colonies of the Autonomous Republic of Munzo, Erin Rockwell was born in a middle-to-upper-class family that consisted of herself and her mother, who had widowed a month before in a freak accident. Years later, she would fall in love again with a customs official, before giving Erin a quiet little brother. However, unlike the three of them, who nonetheless tried their best to support her, Erin was a very active person, and liked to always keep on the move, with a highly athletic lifestyle.

She had, however, a lack of a goal in life, and landed in the Munzo Defense Force's Academy upon graduating, being the best paying job for somebody of her physical prowess, who despite her inability to stay quiet wasn't exactly rebellious. Yet, the growing influence of the Zabi family's ideals would get to her, and slowly her class, her included, would begin to resent the Earth Federation, up to the point they participated in the MDF academy's attack on the Federation's Munzo branch, on retaliation for the incident involving a Salamis cruiser and an agricultural block in UC 0077, and so she fought against them, though she was clever enough to hide her involvement on the incident from the authorities, prompting Zabi supporters to see her in as good a light as any other attendees without having to worry about the Federation's inquiries. This proved to be a stepping stone for her rise through the early ranks of the Zeonic military.

By the time the One Year War began, her connections to many high-ranking officers of the newly-formed Principality had paid off, as her newfound fascination for Mobile Suits meant she was put in the role of a test pilot for some early versions of the MS-06 Zaku, and participated in some of the earliest space skirmishes of the war, such as the skirmish at Loum. Eventually, she was considered experienced enough by the standards of her superiors (even if not an ace) to be sent as part of the invasion force on Earth. Landing in South Africa with her own grunt Zaku II, she would participate in many operations until the later days of the war, when one night the Federation's GMs surprised the base she was stationed in and successfully overwhelmed it with their numbers, killing many of the higher ranks and even her squadron leader, Dominic Tupol, who was on foot at the time. Losing no time, she would commandeer his Gouf Custom and give out orders to what was left of her squad, playing a key part on evacuating the survivors into an abandoned subterranean mining complex, which would be turned into their safe haven. Deciding to hide until Zeon regained its strength and invaded Earth again, all of them survived inside the complex. But the war ended, and nobody came to their aid, so they stayed there for years, while those who felt it was enough simply left for the nearest population centers and became mere civilians, year after year.

In year 0083, word of the Delaz Fleet's misadventures on Earth and space would reach Blackwell Mine, and so Erin and her comrades would rise up in arms again, mounting an operation after their old base, occupied by the Federation since the war, sent most of its GMs into space to help the ailing Federation fleet, weakened by the losses at the Solomon naval review. The operation was successful, and the Remnants scored two Dom Tropens and various aggressor Zakus, painted in white, to replace their old units, which would be scrapped for spare parts. Despite this significant victory, conflict would yet again abandon them halfway through their efforts, and so they would have to return to a low profile, now better equipped but having to hide from a task force made exclusively for hunting them down - the Titans, and knowing that sooner or later, either they would be found and made to run away or they would give up on their mission and retire to a life of peaceful farming.

But not all hope was lost for those who patiently awaited. Months later, a mysterious signal came from the South African shores: in need of experienced personnel for future conflicts, and targeting Africa’s large Remnant population, Axis agents had quietly reconditioned small shuttles on various inconspicuous locations around the continent, set to take off when full and rendezvous with space cruisers that would take their passengers to safety aboard Axis itself. This was a perfect opportunity for Erin and her restless companions, and so they made reservations for the closest shuttle - located on an abandoned spaceport on the shores of South Africa. Yet, the Titans were good at their job, and they were becoming increasingly suspicious of the mine, the Acting Commander of the underground base worried about the posibility that their next visit would be aboard Mobile Suits. Erin’s 101th Mobile Suit Platoon was starting to run out of time to join Axis for a second shot at the glory they were denied, and so preparations for one last sortie were made, the ones that wanted to resume their fight packing their stuff on their Doms and Zakus or all-terrain jeeps and the ones that wanted to stay giving them their goodbye… for next morning, the escape from Earth would be officially underway.


Erin owns:
Naban Type 62: A standard issue, completely ordinary Zeon sidearm, chambered on standard ammunition for the Zeon Earth Assault Force. Erin has kept this weapon ever since her graduation from the military academy and conscription into the Zeon 11th Mobile Suit Corps, then the ZEAF’s 99th Division.


MS-07B-3 Gouf Custom: A Mobile Suit originally piloted by Erin's defunct squadron leader upon their arrival to Earth, it was originally an ordinary Gouf that was retrofitted with Type 3 equipment, brought from space on UC 0080. Erin chose it over the Dom Tropens her comrades got a hold of during the Delaz Fleet incident because of its operative similarity to her old MS-06JC Zaku II and its superior close-combat capabilities. Its former pilot has painted it in a green hue that is vaguely reminiscent of Zeon’s Gelgoogs, and it has been emblazoned with the number 13 since assembly. It is relatively well-mantained, having sustained only superficial damage during its various sorties, but its shield has lost the gatling gun component on battle and was reverted back to its original specifications.


- Mobile Suit Gundam: Memories of the Past [In Progress]

Coliseum battles
- None



This Sucks: And it is because of the hastiness i had to write it with. Expect updates and fixes as MotP advances.

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