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[Battle : One on One Fun!] Bladester50 VS. DarkPhoenix


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Kaoru launched from the base that he was in. He started his thrusters and zoomed through to the grasslands where he would soon fight. He sat in his Aegis waiting for the Buster to appear. Once the Buster appeared there would be a fight. It would most likely destroy and burn all this grass. The wind rushed past the grass. Kaoru propelled himself higher, this way he would see when his opponent arrived.


While he waited he ran some OS checks. He hoped that everything was fine. After all there would be a devastating fight. Once he was sure that everything was OK he drew he beam rifle in wait. He wondered how long the fight would be.


I wish I had ate something before going out here... Oh well its too late now.

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"Ohoho, so now I can use ol' good GAT-X prototype", said Pyotr, when he started standart equipment check.


"All systems - green".


"Good, good. Today I should take down some youngster in Aegis? I can bet that he want some close combat...". Pyotr remembered one of his first battles. Hole in place of left eye...

"Like hell I'll give you that", thought he and smiled. "Aegis has one fatal flaw - that's his lack of firepower!"


"5 seconds before drop on battlefield", said transporter's pilot.


"Okay and thanks for delivery". He turned on all cameras and take deep breath.


"3..2...1..Drop. Ni puxa, ni pera, Pyotr."


"Katis' k chjortu. Another North-Eurasian, damn it." After little shock from landing, he checked his position. Plain, green grass.


"Hmmm. Where's my opponent?"

Pyotr checked sky. Very far from him he saw Aegis in his MA form.

"Well, not bad boyo, not bad. But don't underestimate this old pile of junk."

He readied his 94 mm sniper rifle.

"If you won't be ready, it will be very short fight." But battle still didn't started, so he didn't aimed rifle.


Easy breeze ran through grass. Pyotr thought, that it could be good day to die.


"Where is that damned referee??" he shouted in open channel...

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((Okay, both participants have entered the arena and are ready.  Referee present and accounted for, this one on one match has officially begun.  The posting order [decided randomly] is as follows: Bladester50, then DarkPhoenix.))


Mr. Referee watched the pair of GAT-X series mobile suits from above as the pair prepped for their battle.  The grassy, spacious plains that had been chosen for their duel gave little in the way of shelter for onlookers, so all of the camera crews and officials were forced to watch the battle by helicopter; giving them a bird's eye view of the field.  Once it was seen that both combatants had prepared themselves properly, the referee gave the thumbs up to the camera men before taking hold of his microphone, which had been rigged up to the helicopter's own radio equipment; to give him the chance to speak with the combatants without being placed within harm's way by straying too close to the battle field.


"This match will be a recorded one on one duel between Kurosaki Kaoru and Pyotr Odinec.  Battle shall cease if the opponent is disabled, announces forfeit, or in the unfortunate case of accidental death.  Combatants ready.... And fight!"

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As the referee had started the match Kaoru saw the bleep on his sensors. Quickly flew through the sky towards the enemy. He already had his 60mm beam rifle out. Once he at a fair distance he fired two beams from his beam rifle. Quickly he transformed into his mobile armor form. and flew strait for the buster.


He flew behind of the buster and quickly charged then went onto the mobile armor attack form. He blasted the buster with the Scylla energy cannon. Then reverting back to MS form he held his beam rifle in ready.


" Lets have some fun... " Kaoru said to his opponent


The two beams flew at his opponent. Kaoru waited to see how his opponent would react. It was important to observe his enemy's style and to keep a watch on his energy bar. It didn't seem too drained though he had to be careful.

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((OOC: Remember that Aegis only has limited flight in MA form, as it is too heavy for its thrusters to lift properly.    Hence the reason why Athrun repeatedly used the Gull transports alongside Yzak, Dearka, and Nicol during GS.  If this was a space battle though, you would have a far greater mobility advantage.  Whenever you wonder about how this should look, just think back to that memorable Toy Story quote 'This isn't flying, it's falling, with style!'  .  Be sure to remember that as you post, okay?


On a side note, there is an Aegis that can fly in MA and MS mode, the GAT-X303AA Rosso Aegis, check the Gundam Wiki-a for more info .  Use this one in another battle, and you won't have to worry about gravity issues *nod*, but for now, this match is still between the original Aegis and Buster.))

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As Aegis started moving, Pyotr bacame confused.


"Aegis was in MS mode? That's very strange. Well, maybe you can't rely on sensors in such old machines. Let's start movin'"


When Aegis was on firing distance, he shooted from his rifle. But Pyotr expected this. Even though he couldn't answer on that with his sniper rifle, he easily avoided this - by moving left from his landing point with using of thrusters.


"Soo, he charged behind me. From there he can either fire on me with rifle or Scylla or just attack with his beam sabers. Either way I should make distance between us as long as possible."


Buster started moving not on left from his point of view, but more like forward and left. This was right decision, as soon he hear "boom".


"So, you used Scylla. Even though I'm really in love with powerfull cannons, I can't say, that it was good for you."


Buster stopped moving and turned on 180.


"Let's see where are you landed."


But Aegis was still in air.


"That's why I despise youngsters these days. Even I can can hear that his thrusters crying. Well, if he keep using this tactic, his batteries soon will be dry - and after that he would be sitting duck. He would be burned and...yes, busted, hah!"


Pyotr start aiming his rifle.


"Very soon you should land, if you smart enough. And after that I'll shoot you."

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Kaoru noticed his battery going down. Maybe overusing thrusters wasn't smart after all. He zoomed down towards the earth and made sure that he had a nice landing. He knew this was what the enemy wanted. The enemy was a long range type. He could of course retaliate with his Scylla but his energy would drain fast.


Kaoru wasn`t even in firing range! He could do nothing besides hopefully evade the attacks sent to him. He would wait out the enemies energy. After all those cannons that the enemy held were real drainers too.


`` Come on fire... `` Kaoru said in the open channel.


Kaoru wondered what his opponent would do. If he was lucky the opponent would fire a barrage of beams and use up most of his energy. He readied himself for anything.

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While Pyotr aimed his sniper rifle, Aegis landed.


"Okay, now we will play in my style."


Buster positioned rifle and shooted two times. First beam was aimed  on Aegis with little angle on left, second - with same angle, but on right.


"Aegis too agile for sniping in one-to-one duel. I should use more agressive tactic."


Pyotr called function "Docking modes" and choosed "340 mm anti-armor shotgun". After that he used command "ready missile launchers".


"Maybe Buster doesn't have as much thrusters as Aegis nor any shields like Strike or Duel, but his power battery gives enough energy to make firestorm. Give up, boy, while your Aegis still intact."


Buster started to move towards Aegis.

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Kaoru quickly drew his beam rifle out. He counter fired at the beams. As his beam collided with his opponent's beam it made a small explosion. All the beams were gone but the anti armor missiles were headed strait towards him! Quickly he un - activated his variable phase shift to save his energy.


" How was that.... " He said on an open channel. Without phase shift or thrusters his energy was fine. Quickly he ran a little farther from the buster.


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((OOC: Two things to mention guys.  One, try and work on your spelling when possible; while its known that I hate online grammar checkers, an online spell checker can usually do wonders, and AD comes equipped with one (as does firefox for those that use it).  Secondly, @Bladester: Darkphoenix never fired his missiles yet, if you look carefully, it only said that he fired the two shots, then readied the missiles and combined the buster's guns for their ballistic mode.  You can't fire a scylla at something that hasn't been shot at you yet.  Please edit your post before Darkphoenix makes his reply.))

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((OOC: Bladester, the choice is yours, either this match can be put on hold, until DarkPhoenix returns, or you can choose to take it as a forfeit, and win by default.  I have no qualms with suspending a match, seeing as this is not in lieu with the current Destiny League season, so there are no worries about official standings.  Anyways, like I said, the call is yours.))

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