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Updates 16 July 2007


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Jukebox changes


I have noticed that the Jukebox causes lag to some members, especially those who tend to open multiple windows/tabs. This is because of the Jukebox loading in each window/tab. I understand that the Jukebox is pretty popular and, personally, I was reluctant to remove the Jukebox. Hence, it is now a link in the navigation menu. If you wish to enjoy the music, simply click on the link and it will take you to a page. And, yes, the player loads perfectly and you should be able to view the whole player.




If you were wondering where I have been for the past week, I was busy... I have added a new feature to the site. I'm not sure how well this feature would work out here but I sure hope you would enjoy yourselves blogging on AD. I heard you gasp. Yes, we have integrated a simple blog system into the site. You can now create your blog and share with your members just about anything you want (within AD rules, of course).


Before you get too excited, I better break the bad news. You need to pay virtual cash for the blog. You need to purchase the Blog Ownership from the shop and use the item before you can create your blog. However, you only need to do this once. You can create as many blog as you wish but be reasonable. There's not point in creating a dozen blogs and end up not being able to update them properly. It is reasonable to create a diary for each character. I'll leave it up to your common sense to judge the number of blogs you want.


Have fun!

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