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Multiple Character Guide


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If you wish to have more than one character, you would need to buy the relevant Character Cards from the Shop. The Character Cards are named Character 2, Character 3, etc. The cards entitle you to create more characters.


Currently, these items are priced at:

Character 2 - $5000

Character 3 - $10000

Character 4 - $50000

Character 5 - $100000


We will be capping the maximum number of characters at 5 for now. This is to avoid players having too many players to the point where they are unable to RP efficiently.


There will be a monthly tax for each additional character that you have.



Step-by-step guide:


1. Go to Shop > Buy Stuff and there you can see the various items available for sale.


2. Choose the number of character that you wish to have and buy the relevant card.


3. After you have bought the card, go to Your Inventory and use the item.


3. You're all set to RP with multiple characters!

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