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New Character for Approval: Slide Buer


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Full name: Slide Buer (Owen)

Nickname: Kido

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Race: Natural

Occupation: Student

Birthplace: The Moon

Citizenship: PLANTs (Will be explained in the Personal History)


Personality: Clueless of whats happening, doesn't care of the rank of who they are in, just talks back (Even to the Chairman/woman) if they goes against him. Makes jokes once in a while to cheer people up, carefree most of the times, but than in a battle field, he fights as he is not afraid of death.


Appearance Likes to wear ripped jeans, and a T-Shirt, and hair is messy.


Height: 163 cm

Weight: 58 kg

Hair Colour and Style: Dark orange, messy, resembles the hair style of his brother Clotho.

Eye Colour: Blue

Build: Average

Skin Tone: Light

Handiness: Right Handed


Background: Unknown


Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

Adoptive Father: Alexander Owen

Siblings: Clotho Buer

Wife/Girlfriend: None


Personal History: Was born on Moon during his parents honey moon. He was seperated from his brother at the age of 8. He was told that Clotho went to a special school for gifteds. Before they parted, Slide gave Clotho his Wonder Swan, his favourite toy.


During the war, he migrated through contries, as the ZAFT forces attacked earth. He was also about to be recruited for the OMNI Atlantic forces.


He joined it in his choice, wanting to be reunited with his brother. He was chosen but did not pass the requirements, as his scence of fear of death was too strong. He was supposed to be executed in a secret, marked as a failed experiment, but he realized this in time and ran away using one of the mobile suits in the Living CPU Factory.


He is marked as a traitor, and is wanted by the earth forces. They even hired bounty hunters to found him alive or dead.


He has now no where to go, he landed on junius seven (This time period is GS so didn't fall on Earth yet) and waited for his death from either hunger or suffication by no more oxygen.


A ZAFT mobile suit pasts by owned by Alexander Owen during a patrol duty, and finds an earth alliance mobile suit. He realizes that it is un activated. He lands and gets off as he grabs his rifle and opens the cockpit ready to shoot. He didn't as he saw a young half dead kid.


He felt wrong to kill a boy right in front of him with a rifle so, he decided to bring him along with him. He takes him to his Mobile suit and blows up the Earth Alliance mobile suit.


He lands on PLANTs and brings him to his home, which he lives alone, he used to have a wife (Now Deceased), but they couldn't have a child, so he decides to adopt him, and keep the secret from the world that he is a Natural.


Alexander is now a father. He says to his son while watching Lacus Clyne on TV together spreading her words, "Do not listen to her, Naturals and Co-ordinators are not the same thing. They are what they are. They are two different things. It's like saying fire and water are the same thing. Can you mix them? One will dominate, and the other one will envy and hate. If you mix two different things, only rivaries between them can exist."


Slide agreed, as he questioned him, "Than is there a way to be neutral, without buying one of the side's hate?"




Alexander fought the last few moments of the first war, and lost his life. "By a Red Mobile suit" Slide stated, the Justice.


Slide is now registered as a citizen of the PLANTs by the name of Slide Owen. He is now 16, and decides to go and fight in the second war (GSD), to avenge his father, and hoping to find his lost brother in the battle field, not knowing that he is dead.

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One major problem before I mention anything else at all. This RP is set in CE 85 and so if you're the brother of the Clotho Buer from SEED then there's no way you're 16 now... is there? I better not be getting my timeline and math wrong again. Also want to mention if you're 16 now that means Clotho was killed when you were two.


Besides that there are problems with your tenses, some typos, wrong spelling some sentences, and battlefield should be one word (as an example).


Oh and I just want to tell you that you should replace all your 'than's with 'then's. You got them mixed up I think. (In your signature too )

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