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Talon morasaki


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Full name: Talon Patrick Morasaki

Nickname: Talon

Age: 19

Gender: male

Race: Coordinator

Occupation: ms pilot

Birthplace: Junius city

Citizenship: Plant

Personality: Calm and collected, always analizing problems, has a desire to do good but is quick to act on those desires which can lead to difficult problems, he is personable ,but is ferocious in fight for what he believes.




Height: 6'

Weight: 174lbs

Hair Colour and Style:Blonde, long hair

Eye Colour: hazel green

Identifying Marks: scar on right shoulder

Skin Tone: tanned white

Build: athletic

Clothing: military uniform, or white shirt ,black overshirt, and dark jeans.

Handiness: Right-handed




Mother: Elaina Moratan

Father:  Jim Morasaki(deceased)

Siblings: none



Personal History: Talon has grown up in the age of war, he has been brought up to a military family,he saw the destruction rained down apon plant in the second bloody valentine war,he has watched as battles were fought in the very space around his home, and he has watched as his father died defending his home.Talon knows pain, but he has learn to over come this and he sees the good in all people his only wish is for peace, but in the case that one must fight for peace he will fight for it gladly. His family has been torn apart by war and he has seen the worst it can do. Talon has been studying for years so he can become a pilot, he has only the pilot accademy left before he gets his suit.all he wants is to defend his home and his family and friends.If it comes to it he will give his life for this cause and that is what makes him a strong pilot, the will to defend what he believes.He love to solve problems and is one hundred percent devoted to protecting others.his quick actions to help others has gotten himself into trouble on many occasions and he has only now begun to think trough actions before doing it.

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