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William Callis


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Full name: William Lee Callis

Nickname: -

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Race: Coordinator

Occupation: Doctor of Microbiology, Magister of Applied Biochemistry, Candidate of Robotics

Birthplace: December City, PLANTs

Citizenship: Decembrian

Personality: This brilliant but unstable scientist is stylish, handsome, and idiosyncratic, he often displays the false humility of the truly arrogant. William Callis is a scientist at heart, therefore when confronted with weapons he tends to get timid but always tries to keep some of his pride. However when he knows (read: thinks) that the guns around him will keep him safe, he will become arrogant and foolhardy of his words.




Height: 179cm

Weight: 69kg

Hair Colour and Style: Dark brown, long flowing hair.

Eye Colour: Blue

Identifying Marks: Small perma-stubble.

Skin Tone: Fair.

Build: Weak.

Clothing: Brown and black pant-suits, politiciany look.

Handiness: Right.




Mother: Alyssia Ulric

Father: Bil Callis

Siblings: -

Wife/Girlfriend: Helsia Trifer (picture supplied)


Personal History:

William Lee Callis, named after his great-grandfather, a famous actor in the pre-CE times, is a man of scientific and tactical mastery.


Not finished, this is to give you a glimpse of my NEW character.

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