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Buildverse Gunpla Battle!

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Please set your GP Base...

The Roleplay will take place a couple years after the events of Build Fighters Try (ten years after Build Fighters). Gunpla Battle is as popular as it ever was. Japan becomes a nexus for any serious competitors as its often the forefront for any new updates or expansions to Gunpla Battle. New advances in Gunpla Battle include scenario or AI controlled mock battles; where participants can try their hand at certain circumstances for increased battle points. While a popular alternative to normal battles, participants still face the same challenge of preserving their Gunpla’s durability in such matches. Many schools have active Gunpla clubs that participants in all sorts of battles. Another new feature that has helped foster the sport is the ability to stream battles over vast distances, allowing gunpla battle across the world, with the damage being transmitted via Plavsky particles. 

Kantai Academy is on the outskirts of Tokyo, easily accessible to both the countryside and the hustle of the city. There have been Gunpla clubs in the past at Kantai but it's always fluctuated in activity. So, while the bonework is there for the club, there is currently no active Gunpla club there currently. Kantai’s biggest school rival is Anno Higher Learning. They are just a few blocks across town but boast an active, if not notorious, Gunpla Club with a few trophies to their name. Locally there are several hobby shops as well, namely: Peacemillion Surplus, Lowe’s High Variety, and Gunpla Plus.

Peacemillion Surplus is a Mom and Pop shop with a rich local history within the community, having evolved from a humble hobby store to what it is now. Next door is a famous ramen shop and a mini mart.

Lowe's High Variety has more of an online presence, and it run by a notorious otaku who founded the shop many years prior (though not as historic as Peacemillion). Above Lowe's shop is his own studio apartment. The store is flanked by a mini-mart and more apartments. 

Gunpla Plus is a chain store that is the newest within the community and has an active network at its disposal. This store is closest to Anno Higher Learning and is next to an appliance store as well as an arcade. 

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