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Ms. Okazaki

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Ms. Okazaki
Full name: Haruko Okazaki
Age: 26

Sex: Female
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 112 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Skin: Fair
Handiness: Left Handed
Ms. Okazaki is a kind and gentle teacher who's really supportive of her students and their interests. She's also really into gunpla herself and loves helping students learn about the hobby. She's a great role model for the female students in the club.

Haruko Okazaki is a teacher at Kantai Acadamy. Growing up her big brothers were all into Gunpla. Their passion invoked her to be equally passionate about Gunpla even as she got her teaching degree and moved to Kantai. The Gunpla club hasn’t been active in many years, and she hasn’t really considered it despite her interests. She would go on to college and excel in academics. Her lifelong goal was to always become a teacher and inspiration to others. 

Her hobbies outside of Gundam include Karate, and Kendo. She is an accomplished athlete and still is very active physically. She enjoys taking trips out to the country to "get away from the city" on a regular basis. She'll frequent a bathhouse in the country ran by some family friends. She still keeps in regular contact with her three brothers, two older brothers and one younger brother.  
Her cheery demeanor has made her popular with her students. She always encourages her class to reach for greater heights. She displays her passion for work one day when she brings a gunpla to display on her desk, an RG Calibarn Gundam. The Calibarn is incredibly detailed and customized to a black and white motif with accents of gold. It looks vaguely like a witch statue from a distance. She brings it in one day for class when they start talking about the Crucible. Certainly if there was enough interest she would host the Gunpla Club. 


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