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Constantine sat in his armchair, looking at the stack of research papers that have been retrieved from the ZAFT library archives. He gently touched his creased forehead, and sighed in resignment as he stared blankly at the ceiling fan. It's been two months since the commencement of my research, but I have made no breakthrough towards finding a replacement for the energy draining light-bending device used by the Naturals during the Philadelphia Project. While Constantine realised that he could always delve into exploring the mechanics of the Mirage Colloid system, another of Earth Alliance's brainchild, he did not want his work to be deemed as lacking originality and forgettable. His ego has led him to embark on the seemly impossible task to produce a material that could bend light on its own without any energy spent, hence rendering an entire mobile suit invisible. All the information that has been put forth in quantum science has not been able to fully explain how that can be achieved, and the Unified Field Theory has proven futile when applied to the case. Popping two aspirins into his mouth, he reached for a glass of water and sat up straight from his previous slouched posture. Reaching for the next document, he opened the folder and scrolled pass the dense lines of text. Just as he was about to move on to the next document, a line of scribbled words caught his attention.


"I have finally succeeded where most scientists have failed. A lasting aspiration to unite the universe in one complete theory..." It was penned by Nikola Tesla, a forefather of science respected for his contributions to the discipline of electromagnetism. There was a brief glint in Constantine's eyes, his instints telling him that this might lead him to the precipice of a breakthrough in his research. As he read on, it dawned on him that what the survivors saw as a greenish fog was in actual an instance of blue-shift, though he did not fully understand the concept of it. "As opposed to many believers that the ship was degaussed and hence was rendered invisible, I have discovered that there were numerous flaws in this feeble attempt to explain the disappearance of the ship. The real reason was that the scientists assigned to this project allowed light to..." The line did not continue as the bottom right of the document was charred. Having renewed faith in his project, Constantine took out his pen and began linking up all the concepts and ideas that he had come across. After a few minutes of intense brainwork, it struck him. All the information points towards one direction. (To be continued...)

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