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Maybe we can have some kind of program


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Maybe we can have some kind of program that can let us make our own moble sutes if you can't find any programs I will look for some to.

also maybe we can have a place where you can listion to music and watch gundem seed videos.

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Well, youtube is always a great place to find videos, and we can't really support full episodes on the site (what with copyright laws and all), and if anyone remembers my past grievances with copyright laws and Gundam SEED, they'd know why I avoid making gundam videos like the plague.  I've seen other sites host music streaming before, but I don't know how good our bandwidth is, so I wouldn't want to try and get into something that could end up slowing down the site with a traffic overload (we must support our valiant 56k connection soldiers  ).


As for a program to help us make mobile suits, It would be nice to have something to help us organize our ideas, but since all suits are ultimately approved or rejected by the admins, I think we would be fine using the systems that we already have in place.  If you ever find some of these programs though, I'm sure we'd all love to take a peek at them 

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