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Erik Withrin


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Full name: Erik Withrin

Nickname: Erik

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Race: Coordinator

Occupation: MS Pilot In-Training

Birthplace: December City

Citizenship: ZAFT

Personality: A very kind hearted person and can be very temperamental at times though due to his impulsive and rashness characteristics.



Height: 178cm, 5" 10"

Weight: 68kg

Hair Colour and Style: Brown

Eye Colour: Blue

Identifying Marks: Has a burn mark on his back

Skin Tone: Normal

Build: Normal body, quit slim though


Free Time: Mostly lose sweaters with a standing up collar and a normal jeans

On Duty: Wears the standard ZAFT uniform

Details: Wears a gold bracelet around his left wrist which was a gift from his mom at the age of 5



Handiness: Right-handed




Mother: Janice Clark

Father: Aaron Withrin

Siblings: Shanice Withrin

Wife/Girlfriend: None yet


Personal History:

                Erik was the first child to Aaron a pharmacist and Janice a teacher. Being the first child, Erik was doted and cared for and his every needs was taken care of, until the birth of another child. The birth of Shanice greatly affected Erik’s life as he was no longer pampered and was treated evenly, which was an experience he never gone through.

Erik was well educated in his childhood days. Coming from a well-to-do family helped him a lot in his studies as Erik was enrolled into a premier school and was given tuition by his mother. Although with all the help, Erik was never top in his class.

In his life, Erik aspired to become a pilot as he saw how grand it was to pilot a plane. So during his school days, Erik took up flying lessons and soon became an exceptional pilot at his age.

Erik’s sister, Shanice was a kind-hearted and friendly person but was never liked by Erik as he thought that Shanice took away his happiness. This caused a massive tear in their brother-sister relationship. Soon this caused a rip in their family and Shanice and her mother left for Aprilius City, leaving Erik and his father. This event caused Aaron to lose himself and eventually, he turned into a different person. This caused Erik to hate Shanice even more.

Years passed and depression caught Erik and he abandoned his father and sent in his application to ZAFT and waited for the reply that would change his life.

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Alot of work is needed on this profile.


First off you need to expand on how he changed after the birth of his Sister; was he arrogant before her birth? Did he continue to be arrogant despite not being pampered? You have to continue on with that.


Why wasn't he top of the class? Was it academically or mentally; ie he messed around inclass rather than paid attention.


How did he see how grand it was to pilot a plane? Did he watch alot of TV episodes of Topgun like series? How did he become so good at piloting if he was just taking classes? Did he train every single day, if so then how did he find the time to do so?

What were his mother and father's opinion of his dream?


Wouldn't Erik begrudge his sister right from the word go? It sounds like he begins to hate her at his teens, which is odd because it makes much more sense if he dislikes her from her birth as he no longer is pampered.


What made Shanice so kind and friendly? If she took away Erik's pampering wouldn't she grow an ego too? Or did his parents raise her a different way?


How did Aaron change to a different man? Did he become voliatile?


As years pass and you suffer from depression, you BREAK down; which means that finding a job for someone suffering from depression is extremely hard. If he suffers from depression how come none of that is in his personality and he is described as a good guy? A depressed person would be more anti-social rather than easy to get along.


Also, please bear in mind Faction Numbers

You're apparently applying for the most contested faction, I'd suggest you look over your profile again incase the faction closes applications.

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