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There is some confusion as to what exactly has changed in Orb's military, as the FREE Forces page doesn't give out enough information. As such, we present you with this article in order to provide everyone with a clearer picture of Orb's 'new' military. Please direct any inquiries to the Orb Helpdesk.


Last Updated: November 12, 2006


FREE Forces: the People's Soldiers


What is the FREE Forces?


The Federation of Royal Emirates Elite Forces, more commonly referred to as the FREE Forces, is the military arm of the Orb Union. It came into existence after the original armed forces was restructured in the wake of the end of the Bloody Valentine Wars, and of the nation's decision to drop its traditionally neutral stance. Its mandate is to prevent a repeat of Orb's tragedies during the wars, as well as to actively promote the ideals of peace and harmony for all of mankind.


Though Orb's military is known to be the most strict of all known armed forces, its insistence on proper decorum and etiquette makes it more of a well-organized sector of society rather than a heavily-armed group. 'Civilized military' would best describe it, as every soldier is trained and expected to act as a diplomat as well as a combatant.


What has changed?


Due to its mandate and its pro-active leanings, the FREE Forces has become leagues more rigid and militaristic as compared to its predecessor. In order to keep in line with the ideals of Orb, however, FREE Forces soldiers are trained to be humanistic above all else. This does not mean that they are pacifists, by any stretch of the imagination; rather, this means that they resort to violence only when all other peaceful means of resolution have been exhausted, or if there is a clear-and-present danger that cannot be met without the use of force. As humanitarians, every FREE Forces soldier is duty-bound to assist whenever a local crisis occurs, regardless of whether the soldier is on- or off-duty, and even if the soldier is outside of Orb jurisdiction.


What are the principles of the FREE Forces?


The very basic principle of the FREE Forces is: "Every soldier is Orb." This ingrains the thinking that all enlisted personnel, from the Admirals down to the Privates, must think twice or even thrice before speaking and/or acting, lest their words and/or actions reflect poorly on the nation - especially when interacting with foreigners.


On the other hand, the strict training regimen also ingrains the principle: "Run the course," meaning that once Orb soldiers have made a decision or have been given an order, they are expected to follow it to completion until the situation dictates, or they are told, otherwise.


Although FREE Forces soldiers are quite willing to lay down their lives for the nation, they are trained not to do so unless absolutely necessary, as all are quite aware that their numbers are nowhere near those of the two other major armed forces. For them, surviving to ensure that Orb continues to stand day after day is heroism enough.


What is the image of the People's Soldiers?


Soldiers of the FREE Forces are touted to be the epitome of what it means to be a citizen and defender of Orb. As such, the FREE Forces are the only military of a democratic nation that has the complete and unfaltering support of its citizens. Its humanitarian leanings have also earned it some support from various sectors of mankind's population.


What are the FREE Forces most widely known for?


The unofficial title of 'the People's Soldiers' first surfaced in the late 70's, after Copernicus News Network used this term to describe the detachments of FREE Forces soldiers that were instrumental in the success of relief and rebuilding efforts after a natural calamity befell the lands inside the Pacific Ring of Fire. Since then, the FREE Forces have been present in every major humanitarian effort, making them nearly synonymous with the words 'hope' and 'rescue'.


Specifics: FREE Forces in the Open


It is legal for an enlisted FREE Forces soldier to walk around Orb territory while carrying a shotgun, a submachine-gun or other personal-defense military weaponry - but only if they are garbed in their complete formal uniform with their name and insignias clearly visible. However, as their training includes being sensitive to the views of civilians, most tend to only carry a handgun or two - concealed as much as possible - when more powerful weapons are not needed in the fulfillment of their immediate duties, or if they are only garbed in civilian attire.


In any case, all soldiers are required to check all weapons larger than a handgun with a nearby member of law enforcement or security before entering any civilian establishment - even if not asked - unless doing so will make them disobey official orders. Lastly, during peacetime, full combat-ready gear is generally worn only by military police, who are always considered to be on high alert, and are authorized to carry heavier weaponry such as automatic rifles.

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