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Does any one watch snooker/pool?


If so then who is your favorite player and what do you think about the game these days?


My favorite player has to be Steve Davis, been supporting him since 1989 who is a legend in snooker. He plays 9 ball pool and is pretty good at it. His greatest wins are six World championships and six UK championships. His last win was in 1997 but still plays.


The snooker game has more talents now then there was before 2000, as in the 70's Ray Readon dominated, 80's Steve Davis and the 90's Stevan hendry but after the year 2000 the game started to receive more skilled players like: Mark Williams (2000,2003 World champion), Ronnie (2001,2004 World Champion), Shaun Murphy (2005 World champion), and more. These people have not dominated the game for over two years and this shows the game has very skilled players that you can't place your bets on, ten years ago most people would put there bets on Stevan Hendry to win the tournament.


Thanks WZ

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