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ZGMF-1029S GINN Jäger Type


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Just an idea I've been toying around with. I'm not submitting this as an MS for the RP... just to show. I have a creeping feeling that I've done a bad job on this one, like all my other ones. Feel free to crit and give suggestions


General and Technical Data


Model number: ZGMF-1029S


Code name: GINN Jäger Type


Unit type: Limited Production Anti-prototype Mobile Suit


Manufacturer: ZAFT (Special Designs branch)


Operator: ZAFT Forces


First deployment: C.E. 82


Accomodation: Pilot Only in Standard Cockpit in Torso


Height: Head height 20.9 meters


Weight: Max gross weight 72.1 metric tons


Construction: Unknown


Power plant: Ultracompact extended-power energy battery, power rating unknown


Equipment and design features: Sensors, range unknown; Phase-Shift (PS) Armor; Recoil And Impact Damage Energy Reduction (RAIDER) System


Fixed armaments: MA-XX 'Gerbera Fake' heavy sword, stored on waist, hand-carried in use; GST-36W 57mm Beam rifle/Heavy machine gun, housed in MMI-M8A3 machine-gun casing, stored on rear waist, hand-carried in use; 'Charade' heat-rod x2, stored under flaps in forearms, extended in use


Optional hand armaments: 'Facade' high-energy beam cannon, housed in M69 'Barrus' Ion Cannon casing, power rating unknown


Technical and Historical Notes


During C.E 82, when relative peace existed between the nations, a rise of raids on less-defended ZAFT installations was becoming more and more apparent. Mostly Junk Guild pilots, packing high-end Prototypes, would lead charges on these outer-circle outposts, knocking the ill-equipped defense GINNs about and grabbing whatever they wanted before making off. These events led to high frustration on the ZAFT command chains, and finally the Special Designs branch were tasked with designing a Suit that could effectively thwart the raiders.


The GINN Jäger Type was designed to look as normal and easy-to-underestimate as a normal GINN unit. With the same looking body, colour and weapons, it was mistaked for its weaker counterpart on 98% of its recorded encounters. The only difference that could be noted about its design was its green-colored optic, which was so trivial that even other ZAFT pilots mistaked it for a standard GINN. Its weapons- some designed with power to match a Gundam's- were packaged in the casing of a GINN's standard armaments.


Its GST-36W rifle is subtly equipped with two barrels instead of one: 57mm beams and standard machine-gun rounds. The beam rifle component was, in fact, grafted directly from the GAT-X105 Strike Gundam's beam rifle design. This was assumed to be a standard GINN machine gun, seeing as it could even fire like one, until the pilot desired to switch to beams. Hostile pilots often received a nasty surprise from suddenly being assailed by a volley of beams in place of bullets. In addition to the rifle a high-energy beam cannon (resembling like a standard Barrus Ion cannon) could be equipped for longer ranges and/or thicker-armored opponents.


The GINN Jäger's main melee weapon (and arguably its main weapon in total) was its 'Gerbera Fake' heavy sword. Taking its architecture from the MB-P02 Red Astray Frame's sword, it generates its own Phase-Shift to cut through an enemy's PS armour. Aside from being able to attack through PS, the blade and hilt of the sword was forged with a special Anti-beam weave, giving it the ability to parry and slash through beam blades without fear of breakage or melting. Thus it proved the GINN Jäger to be a formidable close-combat Mobile Suit, as it was able to parry or cut straight through beam sabers and effectively block ASBS weapons. Also, hidden under concealing flaps were GOUF-styled heat-rods that could be used as secondary melee weapons.


Possibly the most surprising hidden details about the GINN Jäger Type were its own Phase Shift Armor and its unique RAIDER system. The RAIDER system worked on kinetic receptors placed all over the Suit's chassis that absorbed and dissipated violent kinetic energy, up to a certain amount of KiloJoules. On the most part this eliminated PS Armor's inability to protect against blunt-force impacts, and made it impervious to most ballistic artillery. It also protected it against being slamming damage and falling damage up to fifty meters. Although falling damage was hardly a problem, due to its almost-exclusive deployment in space, but it has been noted should the MS see full-on ground combat.


The GINN Jäger was used effectively from its production as an anti-Prototype MS, challenging raiding Junk Guild Gundam pilots and scaring the living daylights out of them with its efficiency and hidden weapons. Only twenty-two models were produced, however, due to its high cost to assemble, which are still currently used as outpost defense Mobile Suits. Although not its exact intended purpose to track down and destroy Gundam-class Mobile Suits, its worth was once proven in that field. A notable battle between a GINN Jäger, piloted by ZAFT officer Uriah Amos, and two enemy Gundams (later identified as the Astray Dusk Frame and Strike Sapphire, pilots unknown), was recorded. Video documentation exists of 1st Lt. Amos using the GINN Jäger's modifed sword to first disable the Astray Dusk Frame by cutting its arms and head off, and then destroy the Strike Sapphire by slashing through its beam saber blade and penetrating its PS armor, cutting it in half. Such a display of ability in both pilot and Suit prompted the ZAFT military council to review of the GINN Jäger's effectiveness, and whether to resume limited production as a weapon against the infamous amount of Gundams produced by its former enemies.


Notable Pilots: 1st Lt. Uriah Amos



(EDIT: Notepad made it go all funny with the spacing, and I had to make it conform.)

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It's overpowered.


The concept is admirable, but the weaponry and systems are too fantastic. For one, the Anti-beam/Anti-PS sword and combination PS/RAIDER makes it effectively invulnerable in melee combat. Also, I see no way that the original GINN machinegun's architecture can be used to make a dual firing mode rifle, as the reactor of a beam rifle and the automatic feed-and-fire chamber of a machinegun would not fit in the same space.


Lastly, the only drawback I'm seeing is the immense power drain. However, considering the backstory of it being able to take on 2 Gundams, it doesn't seem to be a drawback at all.

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Point made. I was afraid it would be... thanks for the compliment on the concept, though


Okay, toning it down but I'd first like your opinion if it's enough to make it plausible:


-Remove Phase Shift.

-Make the rifle Beam-only, instead of variable Beam/Ballistic shots.

-Make the Gerbera Fake sword only able to parry beams (and only for a short time), not slash through them.

-tone down the max KJ capacity of RAIDER system.

-Remove heat rods?



I want to keep the RAIDER system intact, albeit toned-down, because I think it's a system that doesn't work against beam weapons but works against falling and slamming damage, which GINNs seem to fall prey to a lot. I'll remove it if it really is too overpowered, though.


EDIT: I didn't mention it (I forgot to), but the two Gundams that were mentioned in the backstory weren't actually of Gundam calibre. Strike Sapphire was a badly constructed copy of the original Strike Gundam, and Astray Dusk Frame was an ill-equipped Astray-esque Gundam; both were piloted by less-than-ace mechajocks. On the whole their power would have totalled around one-and-a-half Gundams' worth... I should add that in, though.

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If the concept behind the RAIDER system is that it's poised to take falling and slamming damage, it effectively prevents itself from being pushed or otherwise forcibly moved as well, an impact motion which not even Gundams with Phase-Shift are able to do. Note that PS already prevents most forms of blunt-force damage, ranging from a punch, small caliber projectiles or a metal sword. An upgrade of PS that is able to protect against larger caliber projectiles (such as artillery shells), though feasible, would be even more of an energy-guzzler than standard PS. In conclusion, I would consider this as something that would only be installed on an experimental unit.


As for your other modifications, I'd agree with all but two:


1) The heat rods are fine, as I don't see any problems having them installed in a GINN look-alike.


2) Instead of a 'Gerbera Fake', you could simply say that it's carrying a standard GINN sword that happens to be Anti-beam coated, like a shield, so it can parry a certain number of beam saber attacks before breaking. This should serve both the illusory and the efficiency aspects.


Also, consider stating that it has improved GINN-class thrusters, so people (like me) won't assume that it's just another GINN variant and shouldn't be as maneuverable as your backstory shows it to be.

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Well, the thing that confuses me about Gundam SEED profiles is that there's no section for Propulsion, like UC Mobile Suits. I probably should add that in, though.


But for the sword, I'm wondering just how efficient it would be with only anti-beam coating and no anti-PS ability. Then it's just a parrying tool.

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Improved systems are usually listed alongside "Equipment and Design Features," at least here.


You have to consider: how many times would this machine actually face an enemy equipped with Phase-Shift? However, if you have to insist on it, you might wish to consider the GOUF's Tempest Beam Sword which, if I recall, is a metal sword with a thin beam for an edge (imagine the GINN's sword with a thin but bright red line on one side - not an exact image, but close enough). Being a beam weapon, it would both parry beam sabers and pass through Phase-Shift (albeit not as good as an actual beam saber).


Edit: Found artwork for it: http://www.mahq.net/mecha/gundam/seed-destiny/lineart/zgmf-2000-mmi-558.jpg


That would be the sword in it's extended (unfolded) form (it's telescopic), and inactive. When it's activated, a red beam runs from the hilt, then up across the edge, and ends at under the sword-head.

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Well, the anti-Phase Shift would probably be a must, since it's supposed to be able to at least damage a Gundam-class MS. It was deisgned as the ultimate 'Lucky Hit' GINN, as it mostly executed surprise attacks on pilots who didn't know better.


The beam sword sounds like a good idea... it's concelable enough, too. I'll edit it soon.

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