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Mobile Suit Gundam: Zeta Destiny


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The Principality of Zeon sought independence of all colonies from Earth Federation. Zeon believed that achieving liberation for Spacenoids was the only way for them to attain true freedom. War broke out in UC 0079 after negotiations between Zeon and the Federation broke down.

The One Year War ended in 31 December UC 0079 with the defeat of the Principality of Zeon. Zeon forces retreated from the Earth Sphere, with the majority of the refugees escaping to Zeon’s asteroid base Axis in the asteroid belt.

The Federation established a puppet state in Side 3, the Republic of Zeon. Despite this, Zeon remnants continued guerrilla warfare against the Federation forces while the Federation recovered from the ravages of the war. The Zeon remnant group Delaz Fleet dealt a major blow to the Federation by dropping Island Ease from Side 1 on Earth, destroying vast swathes of food supply in North America.

In the aftermath of the Delaz Conflict, the Federation created the Titans, an elite unit to deal with such attacks by Zeon forces. The Federation gave the Titans free reign over their policies and resources to ensure any potentially-devastating attacks were nipped in the bud. The Titans were ruthless in wiping out any threats. The Titans used the banned G3 nerve gas for riot control in Colony 30 of Side 1. They failed to implement sufficient containment measures, leading to the death of all ten million inhabitants in the colony. The group escaped punishment as they had the authority to act outside the jurisdiction of federal laws.

Resistance movements sprung up in the Federation against the Titans and corruption within the Federation. The most famous groups were AEUG and Karaba. The Gryps Conflict broke out on 2 March UC 0087 between AEUG and the Titans when the former stole prototype mobile suits from the latter.

AEUG assaulted the Titans base of Jaburo on 11 May UC 0087, only to discover that the Titans were one step ahead of them. The AEUG forces fled just in time to escape the nuclear detonation in the base intended to wipe out the AEUG assault forces. Although they escaped, the AEUG forces were unable to return to space. Karaba assisted the AEUG to send their stranded forces back into space.

Meanwhile, the Titans completed their new headquarters in space, the Gate of Zedan. The Gate consisted of Titans base Gryps and the former Zeon space fortress A Baoa Qu. The Titans and AEUG continued their war in space, a war that had become a battle of attrition.

The Zeon asteroid base Axis entered the Earth Sphere on 12 October UC 0087, after a 20-month long journey from the asteroid belt. Both the Titans and AEUG requested for the Axis Zeon to ally with them to swing the tide of war. Axis Zeon eventually sided with the Titans.

AEUG forces exposed the Titans for their crimes at the Federation Assembly in Dakar on 16 November UC 0087. This forced the Federation to ceasing funding and withdrew military support for the Titans. This drove the Titans to pursue more extreme actions by attacking the colonies with their colony laser Gryps. The Titans destroyed Colony 18 of Side 2 with the colony laser and wiped out Colony 21 of Side 2 with G3 nerve gas.

Intelligence reports revealed that the Titans planned to use the colony laser on the Anaheim Electronics lunar base. Anaheim Electronics negotiated a deal with Axis Zeon. The company would ensure Zeon regained Side 3 if Axis Zeon destroyed the colony laser.

Instead of destroying the colony laser, Axis Zeon seized it by smashing Axis into the colony, setting the asteroid on course to crash into the lunar city Granada. AEUG forces attacked the Axis fleet and captured the colony laser. They used it to prevent the asteroid from crashing into Granada. Axis Zeon retreated to prepare for their invasion of Earth.

AEUG then used the colony laser on the Titans forces to bring and end to the Gryps Conflict. With the Federation weakened by the war between the Titans and AEUG, the Earth Sphere was vulnerable.

Axis Zeon declared itself the Neo Zeon, and set about further weakening the AEUG’s standing among Spacenoids.

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