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As Ichigo started to go home after his jog he saw the soccer field! Ichigo wasn't that good at soccer  but now would be the best time to improve. " Heh I'll just imagine the ball is Demetrius... Hmph he gave me such a hard time." Ichigo kicked the ball with all his anger and rage. Ichigo let the anger erupt out of him, The ball went all the way across the field and into the net. "If only I could do that when I play against someone..." Ichigo was too lazy to get the ball he kicked so....


Kaoru grabbed the other ones and kicked them seeing as there were 10. Somehow they went into the net. "Hmmm why don't they ever go in while I'm in a game?" Ichigo asked, but in the end when the balls were all over the place he had to get them. Ichigo decided to challenge himself. "Lets see how long it takes me to get them all!" Ichigo said. "Ready..." Ichigo said as he bent down. "Set..." Ichigo said raring to go! "GO!" Pressing the start button on his timer he dashed off.


"Not bad... 1 minute and 30 seconds..." Ichigo said. He put the balls down in the center. Ichigo then took his leave. "I really have to go now...." Seeing as it was 8:30... Ichigo left with the thought of sleeping... and the wonderful adventures in his dreams.

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Ichigo still had some anger he had to burn out... So kicking a soccer ball wouldn't harm anyone... So Ichigo went up to the 20 soccer balls. "Hmmm seems someone put another 10 out here." Ichigo took the first one, preparing to kick he focused all of his anger and rage at the ball. Swinging his legs at the ball Ichigo released his anger. He still had lots of anger so he kicked the other ones. Ichigo Kicked them making sure most of his anger was out. Ichigo didn't want to come to the practice angry... Anger never does you good in anything.


As Ichigo kicked the last ball he wasn't sure whether he was still angry or not. Ichigo knew he had lost most of his anger but Ichigo wasn't sure if it was all gone or not. Ichigo didn't time himself when he went to get the balls this time... He didn't want to because he wanted to jog out any anger he had left. He enjoyed the scenery and looked that the birds. "If only I could be calm like this all the time" Ichigo thought. Ichigo finished gathering all the balls together and left or the "practice".


Back to work! Ichigo said as he started to walk...

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