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< OOC TY, also this is continued in the soccer field thread. >

Ichigo came here from a hard day at the military and it is about 7:00 PM


Ichigo had a long day. He was tired and wanted to calm down. Ichigo decided to take a jog on the running track. For some reason Ichigo always calmed down when he ran. Maybe it was the fact that he liked running. But for sure Ichigo would feel really good after. Ichigo started his run, he enjoyed the scenery and let go of all of his troubles. Ichigo decided to do a lap everyday before the sunset. The scenery was beautiful!


As Ichigo was jogging he looked at all the trees and the flowers that surrounded the track. Ichigo was in the inner track, but he decided to go to the outer tracks. That way Ichigo would be closer to the scenery. Ichigo was calm now, "I better hurry up... it's getting dark" Ichigo said. Ichigo already ran 1 and a half lap but he wanted to finish his second. Ichigo finished and walked it out, "I better go now." Ichigo said looking at his watch which said 7:45... But seeing as there was a soccer field and he had some anger to burn he went there.


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< OOC anyone else wanna take a jog? TT.TT also if there isn't a flower garden on the outside of the track then there is now! >

Time is about noon


Ichigo was coming from another difficult day. As he passed by the track he remembered that this was a good place for him to calm down. Ichigo entered the field and started to jog on the outer lane. Ichigo once again enjoyed the scenery. It was just like yesterday, yet different. Ichigo noticed that the flowers in the garden were quite colorful and pretty...


As Ichigo passed them and was halfway through his lap he closed his eyes. Ichigo knew that he had half a length left, so it was ok to close his eyes, Ichigo let go of most of his anger taking deep breaths while he jogged. Then Ichigo opened his eyes again. Ichigo was done his lap... Ichigo decided to walk a lap as a cool down lap, since Ichigo was going slower he could really enjoy the scenery. Then once he completed his half lap he continued the routine he developed yesterday and went to the soccer field.

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