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Just another day


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It had been a few days after the whole gala event, and mostly all the commotion had died down in the passing of time. Delfina was one of those who now had a true day off from being an illustrious commander of the Zaft forces. The day would be filled with nothing more then slacking off and not having to deal with anything. The training vessel was docked, with its captain running the trainee crew through the routine missions, while Delfina slept like an angel till the crack of noon.


The midday sun shined through a pair of satin curtains onto a King sized bed in the upscale neighborhood of an Aprilius One district. On the bed under a layer of wrinkled sheets, Delfina was laying in the middle of the bed alone. Her was a tad messy due to sleeping in the whole morning. The sheets were wrapped around, and often seemed to perfectly cling to her shapely body. Her eyes started to furrow, while her arm shielded her eyes from the sunlight. They opened slowly, her forearm was blurry, and quickly came into focus. Delfina let out a slight grown, and turned towards her nightstand. "Its noon already..." She blinked staring at the clock for a few minutes before deciding to get out of bed, and get dressed for today's events.


It took her about an hour to get out of the bathroom, and get her clothes all situated. She chose to keep it simple wearing a pair of jeans, and a white blouse with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows. Delfina stared at herself in the mirror, and double checked her makeup. Everything seemed to be good, and she started off into the hallway of the large home. The hallways were a tad dirty, from the lack of proper housework. Delfina being in the military and in her late teens was quite untrained in a majority of domestic skills.


After spending more time eating some left overs from the night before. Delfina drove her convertible down the lengthy roadways of the Aprilius colony. The wind blew through her hair, it was a wonderful feeling. Usually with her hair having to be properly combed Delfina had to often dive with the top up. The view was spectacular the central column was in fully view along with the clear blue lakes around it. The lush green surrounding almost felt strange while Deflina drove alongside it. It was almost a utopia, but nothing could be Perfect, even in Plant.


Delfina ended up in the market district,where stores, coffee shops, and a park filled the area. It was an huge hangout for teen and college students. Often soldiers would be dragged here by their significant others. Delfina on the other hand was single, and not interested in a relationship. She scoffed at the foolish school girls while they ranted on about the latest fashions. Her head panned the area looking for a place to kick back and relax. She walked to a small clearing where a statue of a maiden dressed in flowing robes stood beside several benches. "I guess, I can sit back, and think about what I want to do with the rest of the day...."

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