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ZBS-D05A "Dominix"


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Model Number:ZBS-D05A


Codename: Dominix


Unit type: Battleship - Drone Carrier


Manufacturer: ZAFT


Operator: ZAFT


First deployment: TBA


Dimensions: Overall length 510 meters.


Wingspan: 180 metres.


Weight: 71400 tons.


Propulsion: Thermonuclear pulse thruster x 8, Small thermonuclear pulse thruster x 10  – Max Speed 140m/s.


Powerplant:HME-2900 Heavy Energy Generator (Generic Non-Nuclear Battleship-class Energy Generator)


Equipment and design features:


Autorepair Microdrones


The Dominix is equipped with a complement of Autorepair Microdrones, which can repair and replace armor plating in mid-battle, as well as being able to repair core functions of the Battleship, some of which are usually too hazardous for human crew to work with.


This consumes a large portion of the ship’s power however, as the drones require a lot of power which is provided through a Deuterium Energy Transfer System, and results in the shutdown of the main weapons systems (only CIWS functional), propulsion systems, and ECM Projector, until repair is halted or completed.



VF-12 Multispectral Tracking Jammer


The VF-12 ECM unit creates interference over most commonly used sensor types, making it difficult to obtain a proper lock on the Battleship. The unit has no effect on optical targeting sensors.


Ultra-Heavy Tungsten Plating (2400mm)


MX-518 Heavy Electrochemical Battery Booster


The Dominix is equipped with a Heavy Energy Booster, which allows large Booster units, stored in cargo, to increase power output for a short period of time, allowing the repair systems to run alongside the weapons and propulsion systems.


However, these Booster units are extremely bulky, each taking about 80m3 of space, out of the Dominix’s 800m3 cargo hold capacity.


Heavy Support Drones: (Powered by Ultracompact Energy Batteries)


Attack Drones - Based on DRAGOON technology, but are operated by onboard AI, and much larger, with stronger armor and heavier weaponry.


4x "Vengeance" Dual Beam Assault Cannon


Titanium Armor (Hardened against Kinetic Damage, Similar to Phase Shift, but does not provide full protection)


Swivelling Beam Shield – Protects the Drone from head-on beam attacks (affords no rear protection).


Beam Deflector Field - A set of attack drones can project a beam deflection field, based on the Akatsuki's DRAGOON's ability to do so.


ECM Drones - Increases the power and effectiveness of the Dominix's own ECM systems, using onboard ECM projectors.


Armor Maintenance Drones - Capable of repairing friendly vessels with equipped welders, and a small complement of Autorepair Nanomachines.


Energy Transfer Drones – Capable of aiding the recharge of the Battleship’s power system via the Deuterium Energy Transfer ports, located on top of the ship.


[/b]Fixed armaments:


1x “Tannhauser” Positron Cannon.


4x "Quake" Linear Cannons, mounted on the front of ship.


6x "Tremor" Twin Vulcan Cannons, mounted below, behind, and on top of the ship.


4x Anti-Beam Depth Charge Launchers.


12x Multi-barrel CIWS, Mounted on main body.


1x Vertical Liner Catapault.




Max. mobile weapon complement: 6


4x GOUF Ignited units.


1x ZAKU units.


1x GOUF Command Unit.


“Quake” Linear Cannons – Based on the older “Izolde” Linear Cannons, the Quake uses high caliber bullets, and has been fitted with the latest ZAFT shock absorption and heat sink units, granting it a higher rate of fire and accuracy than the “Izolde”.


“Tremor” Vulcan Cannons – “Tremor” units are very similar to CIWS in design, but carry for heavier ammunition, at the cost of higher recoil and slower tracking.




Absolutely no prize for guessing what this was shamelessly ripped off


Seirously though, I also wanted to know which systems/modules were out of line for Advent Destiny - the Autorepair system is obviously going (Just wanted it to be more faithful to the original ship ), but the Drone system is just an advanced DRAGOON - more like an AI operated Mobile Support Armor.

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