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Rayaim Cior

Rayaim Cior

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Full name: Rayaim Cior

Nickname: N/A

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Race: Coordinator

Occupation: Mobile suit pilot

Birthplace: Februarius

Citizenship: PLANT

Personality: Rayaim is a complex man with many layers, even though he might look like a simple person. Rayaim is is a man with both sorrow and love in his heart. Even though he rarely show his sorrow to other people. Because he believes in being strong. Strong for Rayaim is something else then it is for most people, Rayaim believes in strength of heart not strength of might. And thanks to that he often takes other people burdens and sorrows into himself, mostly because then he can really help them. Rayaim is a man who believes in feelings so if two people share their feelings than nothing can stop them from achieving what they want.


But there is more to Rayaim then just that side, Rayaim is more intelligent then most people think, he is a thoughtful man who likes to think things through before he acts. To many he might just seem to be sleeping or simply lazy. But the truth is that he often thinks about problems and solutions. That could be many things, everything from big problems like war, to women and sake. Rayaim believes in taking a long time to solve a problem before he acts, just so he knows that he does the right things, even though he thinks he know the answer he will still try to think out a solution to the problem before he acts.


The true side of Rayaim heart is that he loves life. He does not love life in the way that he will cling to it if he feels that he might die, no Rayaim just simply loves life. Everything from cloud gazing to women. Rayaim have always had passionate relationship to life, he wants to enjoy the beautiful sides of life, taste food that he hasn’t eaten before, and spend time with beautiful women. But the most important thing to Rayaim is friendship. Not the kind of friendship that one gets over a day, no, friendships that will last till death and sometimes even beyond. He holds this kind of friendship close to his heart.


To cover all his different sides Rayaim has a playful demeanor, which is like a mask for his more serious side. The only time Rayaim  remove this mask if he is in a fight or if he needs to make people understand how important something is, because people don’t tend to listen to him when he just fooling around. But right when the situation is over he goes right back to his laid back and care free personality.




Height: 6' 1

Weight: 163 lbs

Hair Colour and Style: Brown, his hair just goes beyond his shoulders and often looks like a mess since he like to keep it natural.

Eye Colour: Black

Identifying Marks: None

Skin Tone: Caucasian

Build: Rayaim have a muscular body, since he likes to work out.

Clothing: ZAFT military uniform

Handiness: Right-handed




Still working on the background.







Personal History:

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