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.asx extension

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I've had some problems before with those, I don't know if your on XP or Vista but there was a bunch of WMP patches a while ago for .asx exploits, also windows firewall sometimes doesn't like them. This could also help maybe explain the problem


An ASX file is just a pointer to another media file, it’s just a playlist.  For the most part ASX files will point to WMA, WMV, or ASF content.  If you right click on the link to your ASX file and select Save Target As then you can open the file in Notepad and you will be viewing the basic playlist.  You can copy the link out of the ASX file and go to File | Open URL for a generally troubleshooter.  Many times, the ASX file is not done correctly, thus having WMP produce error’s when trying to get the content directed correctly.


.....thats all i got.

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most of the WMP player patches were the ones that pop up in the windows updates thing, the manual ones are the ones that change complete versions, such as upgrading to the new WMP 10.something from an older version.  Mine problems were most my firewall, both the XP crappola one and Zone Alarm Pro, neither was happy about the file type, and whatever port it wanted to use.

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