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AD Shop v0.1 alpha


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I would be starting an alpha test version of the shop very soon. I have been holding back from proceeding with such a move because the shop would be in test and it is very likely that there would be a reset somewhere along the way. However, I realised that certain things need to be tested out before I can have a thorough idea of how things work.


I would need help from members with the shop. If you been to Gaia online, you would be familiar with their avatar system. We would be having something like that. However, instead of the character's picture, we would be having the mobile suits as the picture. I need help from members to cut out images to be used. Individual weapons and other equipment need to be made into pictures that can be placed on top of each other to create the final picture.


If you are interested, let me know in this thread. If you have any queries, feel free to ask.

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ok heres a sample I made on a GINN on what Valiant might want.


lets take for example that this GINN is totally ripped apart. Meaning that every part of it is separate (head, arms, hands, feet, legs, chest, boosters, etc.)

width=800 height=590http://www.maj.com/gallery/htlr/AdventDestiny/ginnsample.gif[/img]


Then you will then rip the weapons its assigned to and also making various poses of them.





width=800 height=485http://www.maj.com/gallery/htlr/AdventDestiny/zgmf-1017-m69.gif[/img]






Then when everything is set. We can set what we need for the image.

width=800 height=590http://www.maj.com/gallery/htlr/AdventDestiny/sample.gif[/img]


So, Valiant...is this what you want to happen. By the looks of it, if we are to rip everything from GS, GSD including the side shows, it really gonna take awhile completing it. Not to mention also when customized parts come in.


btw...the process is called spriting

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if theres one thing i've gotten good at its been hacking the mobile suits from Seed lol. I'm totally game for helping out with this, its right up my alley  what would you want the image sizes to be, what type etc?

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Another Example, and also a question that follows.

Standard Gouf Equipment is the Shield, whip, and Draupnir beam guns on both forearms



Custom Equipment (Zaku Beam Rifle)


Custom Equipment (Shield Gattling) <---UC Gouf Gattling


Also, I didn't use the Gouf Ignited Image, since it looks a bit weird and less menacing then the 08th Gouf Custom Image I used. There isn't much difference between both units, except for the UC has more technical specs. My question is basically, will Zaft be able to use the UC images, as long as they are properly converted to look like their CE brethren. IE: This 08th team Gouf, has been converted as best I can to make it resemble an Ignited.


PS. Yes, I will try to bring an 08th teamish Gouf into Play


To minimize space, it would be wise to just have a list of Equipped parts instead of picture based avatars, to avoid Imageshack and webspace failures.



Gouf Ignited Standard

M181SE "Draupnir" 4-barrel beam gun

MA-M757 "Slayer Whip" heat rod

MMI-558 "Tempest" beam sword



Gouf Ignited Custom - Energy waste model

M181SE "Draupnir" 4-barrel beam gun

MA-M757 "Slayer Whip" heat rod

MMI-558 "Tempest" beam sword


(custom parts)

30mm Shield Mounted Gattling

MMI-M633 beam assault rifle

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The images definitely need to be scaled down. Most probably the size of the MS available on MAHQ. I haven't been able to check the sizes. Perhaps someone could help with that? I'll update you guys once I get more details done.


There has been updates on MAHQ to replace those sketchy linearts with better quality ones. Try to use those. As for those that do not have the new lineart images, we would have to make our own lineart.

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Alright I have a few concerns now that I've started really messing around with this. First of all are we just going to be messing with trying to get weapons to fit on individual mobile suits, or have mobile suits cut out to mix and match (i.e. like a ginn with guiaz legs or something). Also are we going to be trying to get weapons to work on different factions (like giving a zaft sword to a strike dagger). I guess my main snag here is the amount of possibilities that can be done here, aslo if were going to have many people doing this wouldnt it be better to have some sort of system worked out so we don't step on each others toes too?


@Winders, I think for whats in mind here the idea is good it sounds like its just meant to give us an idea to what kind of MS each person is using right?

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This overall seems to be an overly complicated process. Instead of using an avatar, why not instead using the Signature, so as to allow more space?


Perhaps, instead of a picture, one could instead name their Gundam and list its equipment in their Signature instead: this would be far less work, and could prove to be more efficient. In fact, each piece of equipment could be linked to an appropriate site (profile, article, or whichever it is you might prefer) which would allow other users to  actually identify/understand the equipment a fellow member is using.


A picture can't always convey such things.


Perhaps, for an example:


[align=center]XXXG-01F0 False Twilight[/align]

[align=center]FT-42M “Mirage” Prototype Beam Weapon 

“Twilight” Energy Garrote

2x R7-3E1 “Parasite” High-Output Energy Cannon

Superdense Osmium Fractal

Prototype “Phantom’s Cloak”

“Gilded Seraphim” Wing Binders

N-Jammer Canceler

Mirage Colloid



[align=center][b][color=navy][size=110]Mobile Suit Name[/size][/color][/b]
[center][i][color=blue]Fixed Armaments[/color]
[color=teal]Optional Armaments[/color]



Yes, something like that would probably work wonders.


Not to mention the fact that, if custom equipment/armaments/etc. become acceptable, then that leaves some people without a pretty picture to flaunt (like me) and that makes me a SAD panda.


Also, Summer School sucks.

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Good point there, Roromi. We would want weapons to work across factions, unless we place a restriction regarding the use of certain weaponry. As for the distribution of workload, that would have to be looked into once I generate the list of items needed.


Wind, what kind of restrictions are those? Would flipping and skewing help make the images fit better?


Bolero, the image will not be a signature. We have our rule regarding the signature size limit. This will be placed on a separate page, most probably within the member's profile page. We also hope to modify the member's profile to accommodate multiple character biographies.


Moreover, what this dynamic avatar system would do is to merge the images of all equipped items in your inventory into a single image. Members would not need to make any edits to get the picture working.

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Valiant, I think he would meant by the way the MSes are drawn in the linearts. Different designers have obviously different style for their linearts, Okawara's linearts have that 'since 0079 Gundam' pose in most of his works, Katoki's linearts have their own distinct posing style (although he never worked on any SEED MSes, so safe), and BEE-CRAFT ones have their own styles (make a comparison between their version of the Strike Freedom and the Inifinite Justice with Okawara's).


Unfortunately, this is something flipping and skewing cannot solve without any major, entire linearts have to be redrawn for them to fit at times or hoping for a lineart that is compatible with the other stuff.

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hmm I was just reading this and decided to try it out myself. Valiant, if what you had in mind was basically swapping weapons around like


I don't see how we can't do it. But if we were to muck around with different parts of the MSs then it gets tricky. I'll mix and match a bit after Wednesday next week (arg exams and assignments :(" title="Angry" />). So long as there's enough people willing to actively help, It can be done I reckon.

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