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Full name: Tnsumi Shine

Nickname: Shiney

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Race: Natural

Occupation: Soldier

Birthplace: Atlantic Canada

Citizenship: Atlantic Federation


Tnsumi is usually calm and collected, trying to act as the voice of reason when unexpected situations arise, and always tries to find the lighter side of things. Having to get out of many a sticky situation when he was younger, thanks to the meddling of him and his friends, honed his diplomatic abilities and his way with words, making him very affluent in the world of debating.


He is constantly kept in check by a (what he hopes isn't unique) constant urge to do what he believes is the right thing. The truth, to him, is far more important than simply being right, and his way of thinking was only reinforced deeper through his post-secondary education.


While he understands the need to work things out with words first, he knows that sometimes, there is nothing else one can do but fight to keep the ideals he holds alive. This knowledge has been a driving force in his military career, where for two years he'd been working with the Earth Alliance as a reservist soldier.




Height: 6'0"

Weight: 175lbs

Hair Colour and Style: Medium-length golden blond hair, he usually keeps it looking messy.

Eye Colour: Steel Blue

Identifying Marks: None

Skin Tone: Fair

Build: Average with toned muscles

Clothing: While off duty he wears blue jeans and combat boots, with a T-Shirt and his olive bomber jacket. Depending on the weather he can be sometimes be found wearing dark sunglasses.

Handiness: Left-handed




Mother: Michele Shine

Father: James Shine

Siblings: Rainer Shine (Brother)

Wife/Girlfriend: Single


Personal History:

Tnsumi Shine was born on February 1st in CE 65 in Atlantic Canada. His Canadian heritage can be traced for generations, which many people find strange due to his name. However, that tends to be dismissed when he explains that he was the luckier of the two, his older brother Rainer (born CE 60) having been subject to the punch line of many jokes during his childhood. According to Tnsumi, his father, James, had always believed in unique names, and the name Rainer fit too perfectly with his surname to pass up. Tnsumi, while not as much of a play on words as his brother, simply "sounded right".


His early life was typical for a child growing up in an area relatively untouched by the growing conflict between the Naturals and Coordinators, even during the Bloody Valentine Wars. His family was not necessarily well off, but they lived comfortably in a small town, where the usual Atlantic Federation discrimination against Coordinators was at a minimum. Tnsumi actually had several Coordinator friends and family close to home, notably his cousin Kukem, born CE 58, and Ryan, Scott, and Dennis, his three friends that stuck with him from elementary school right up through high school and beyond. Among the four of them trouble was never far off, and they grew very close.


Tnsumi's brother was an idol to him, and he tried to follow in his footsteps faithfully. When Rainer joined a karate dojo, Tnsumi wasn't far behind. When he decided to go to University, Tnsumi knew he would attend as well. So, when Rainer was commissioned into the Earth Alliance military in CE 76, Tnsumi swore he would join them when he was old enough. However, school life continued to get in the way, and it wasn't until CE 83, two years after Tnsumi was of age and during his senior year of High School, that he finally mustered the courage to enlist. Ironically, this was the same time that his brother, a Lieutenant Junior Grade at this point, resigned and returned to post-secondary schooling.


Whereas Rainer had joined an officer from the beginning, Tnsumi wanted to see what life was like as an enlisted member first, and only took a general enlisting as a reservist while moving through post-secondary schooling himself. He used the military as a means of funding for tuition, though he has always had plans of some day becoming an officer in the full service, like his brother before him.

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Not a problem


I tried to go for a very realistic, generic background, with a couple plot points that can be used later (Coordinator friends, brother, etc). Basically to achieve this, I took my RL background and adapted it to the CE era

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RL background you say?  Does that mean I'm not the only person stuck in the maritimes here 


I see nothing wrong with the profile.  Like you said Tnsumi, its a fairly generic profile, and the idea of a little brother following the bigger brother is pretty standard; but the way you've set it up can lead to many twists in the your character's personality and world view.  We may eventually learn of the reason why Rainer resigned, which might effect how Tnsumi evaluates the EA military.


I really like the part about his family names, explaining the reasoning behind the strange names he and his brother have (Rainer Shine, I rofl'd  ).  I can't wait to see how this character evolves; as he has plenty of room to grow.

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New Brunswick, born and raised (and currently serving in the Canadian Forces Reserves)


And aye, my brother made up the name Rainer Shine years ago, and I adopted the last name for Tnsumi since it seemed to fit


I look forward to seeing where this character goes as well. I am actually trying to convince Ryan, Scott, and Dennis to join up too, which could become very interesting. Mind you, they may not use those names, so I'd have to retcon a little.


I have a question though: By this point in time, are there any Coordinators enlisted in the Earth Alliance? That alone can prove to be a plot twit in and of itself.

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Yes, we have at least two ,IRC, Coordinators - one is pilot and second is mechanic.

Pretty good profile. I don't see any grammar misspelling or plot-wise mistakes. I suggest to begin approval procedure.

PS - I think, your character could be very interesting persone - from point of view of my character (hell, I too used my own IRL history)))

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*Is the original EA Coordinator* 


We've got quite a few Coordinators in the EA if you look for them .  Winders has Kyra Relm, Nikushimi has Yuri Crevecoeur, MalumCaliga has Malum Caliga, Roromi has Johnathon McDowell Locke, and I have Lune and Bian (though Bian pretends to be a natural, and Lune has no clue whatsoever  ).


And yes, bring in more people , the EA could always use meat shields....err I mean minions,.... ummm, loyal soldiers who aren't being manipulated in any way shape or form, yeah, that'll work...

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Tnsumi couldn't help but grin like an idiot as he drove his car into town, his reservist uniform impeccable with the rank of Corporal on his epaulet, and his beret sitting in the seat beside him. It was only last night that he had gotten his paperwork in the mail to transfer to the regular forces of the Earth Alliance as an OMNI Enforcer, and he had wasted no time going through the pages like wildfire. He had stated that he was applying to become an officer in the forces, like Rainer had done, though he knew that he'd only be commissioned if there was a position available. Rainer had been lucky, and joined during a particular lull in forces recruiting, but Tnsumi wasn't so certain he'd get the same break.


He could still hear his mother's voice ringing clear in his head, like an annoying gnat clawing away at his resolve. "What about university? I thought you were going to finish your studies! Rainer already got out of the forces, and we were scared to death for him, and now you want in?"


He tried to explain it to her, but she wouldn't listen, instead going to her room and shutting the door. "At least Dad understood," he muttered, turning onto the offramp from the highway. His father saw the chances for Tnsumi to become something great through the military, and had told him to do what he thought was best for him.


What's best for me, he grinned, thinking about wearing the crisp white officer uniform. For years he'd always get a warm feeling thinking about piloting his own Mobile Suit or Mobile Armour, but even that paled in comparison to the sheer thought of being in command of an entire Capital Ship, patrolling the stars above the Earth.


He parked the car at the recruiting center and hopped out, placing his beret on his head. The summer air was balmy in the afternoon sun; it was an absolutely beautiful day, with several puffs of clouds dotting the horizon, and the salty scent of the Bay of Fundy washing over him with each warm breeze. "It's a sign of good things to come," Tnsumi breathed, a half-cocked smile playing across his lips. He took a moment to take in the atmosphere of the day, and let the full realization of what he was about to do hit him, before finally gripping the door handle firmly, and stepping inside to the future that awaited.

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