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'lo lads!


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My name's Tnsumi Shine to the rest of the online community, so I guess I'll stick to that here as well. I actually found this website while browsing information on the OMNI Enforcer ranks (God damn, it has been bugging me for months wondering what the pauldrons and breast colours represent) during a particularly boring section of a combat storesman course I was on for the last week.


A little about myself for everyone: I'm 20 years old, work for the Department of National Defense, and have been roleplaying for many years now. I pride myself on my ability to roleplay well (and have actually been scolded for being too indepth in other places), and hope that my skills, abilities, and education in training for DND can help out, both OOC and IC. I'm looking forward to getting into some of the action around here, and plan on getting started on my first character profile here soon.


If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask away.


Shine out.

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The pauldrons and breast colours. I know the rank pips by heart, but those have always bugged me. It's clear they have some form of importance to do with either position or rank, but no one has ever stated exactly what

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