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Ehm... Hello?

Alan Beoulve

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Uh... Hey. The name is... Alan? [isn't that obvious]. I have a voice in my head! Right...

I like... Pocky! Lots of pocky... the strawberry ones rule! And I also like Black Forest Cake.

I'm not always annoying, nor am I always talkative. And I dislike anything that resembles Michael Jackson.

And... My favorite color is Blue?

Right, anyways. It's really great to be on here, and I hope that I won't be banned anytime soon.



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Only if you do something really annoying (e.g. spamming) or something else that's blatantly against the rules that will get you banned.


Welcome and all that.  Be sure to read the rules/guidelines if you haven't done so already. 


P.S. I prefer Chocolate Pocky.

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Well... It's just random. I have no explanation to why I did it.                                                                                                                                                                              [';;'|-A-|l.a.n./B/e.o.u.l.v.|-E-|';;']           

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