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FREE Forces military organization


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After a discussion with lynnks a while ago, I decided to put together a rough draft regarding the organization of FREE Forces.  I only started with the Naval fleets while I plan to work on ground forces at a later point.


So, yeah, feedback and all that appreciated.



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Hmm, comments...


1.) Perhaps there should be a 2-1 ratio of Kuraokami-class Destroyers to the Aegis-class Cruisers, seeing that the Destroyers are the escorts of the Aegis'.


Though I have to re-watch the GSD episode with the 2nd Defense Fleet of ORB, so as I could have a basis of what a fleet should be composed of.



2.) How many MSs are in one squadron? Because from the looks of it the composition of the Mobile Air Wing seems quite less than a Takemikazuchi's capacity. Being a flagship it should be stocked at 70-80% capacity of mobile suits, since its MSs are its primary armaments. Also, basing from GSD, in Operation Spear of Twilight I believe that the Takemikazuchi launched about 6-7 squadrons of MSs on record, and that's just its Murasame squads, not yet taking into account the Astrays, if I'm correct.


I will hold my prescribed number of squads until I get to know how many MSs are in one MS squadron.



Thats pretty much it for now.

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I'm assuming the standard air squadron complement of 12 fighters per squadron.  (Gomen, I was going to mention that. _<" title="" /> )


I made the air wing composition as an estimate based on modern day carriers (about six to eight squadrons for the average air wing) but I did not have information about the Takamikazuchi's capacity.  (Because of that, I removed one or two Murasame squadrons from my composition estimates to remain overly conservative.)


But I'm wondering if 3 Naval fleets is sufficient for Orb's FREE naval assets, since having too few is kinda contrary to FREE doctrine but having too many would make it rival larger nations.  (As you can see from the CWN headlines, I already incorporated some of that. )

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Hmmm, perhaps having 4 main fleets would be sufficient enough, given the size of the islands of ORB. But besides these 4 main fleets there could be a number of smaller patrol fleets, perhaps composed of an Aegis cruiser and 2-3 Kuraokami destroyers. That would most likely be enough for a naval fleet of ORB.


I'll be downloading GS and GSD episodes and try to watch them ASAP so as to help us judge the appropriate number of ships for our fleet.

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If I got time, I'll dig out my CDs with GSEED/GSD fansubs to check as well.


@Fleet: Yeah, I was considering three fleets since that would seem to be a 'steady' number.  I was thinking that at least one fleet remains posted around Onogoro/Orb.

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Okay, so it seems more feasible to boost the standard fleet by one more Kurokami-class destroyer and toss in another Murasame squadron or two.  (And maybe one more Astray Shrike squad)


As for the home fleet, a Carrier isn't necessary since mobile suit forces can launch off base/air field platforms, so it could be composed of Cruisers, Destroyers, and smaller seabound craft.  (e.g. gunboats, patrol boats, etc.)


Hmm...I'm still working out the possible numbers that the home defenses will have as well...bah, it's a toughie.


Here's a very rough sketch of what I'm thinking about:


About 70-80% mobile suit complements will be Murasames.  Remainder will be Astrays with and without Shrike packs.  (And if we ever get approval, amphibious suits)


Several Armor Battalions consisting of linear tanks, artillery, and other support vehicles, since these assets still supplement MS forces.


Several units of infantry, with anywhere from 3 to 9 Companies per Unit.  I was thinking of several companies assigned as Marines for the Fleets as well.


Then, of course, assorted battalions for everything else:  Reconnaissance, Supply, Engineering, etc.

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Hmmm, its quite a hard task, organizing the ground forces. I'll try to help out as much as I can, though I ain't that knowledgeable on that.


I just finished the battleship list. Perhaps it just needs some final polishing and then it will be all good for the Compendium.

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UPDATE! I just watched GSD Episodes 37 and 38, the part where the 2nd Defense fleet got obliterated by the Impulse.


Judging from the footage, the 2-1 ratio of Aegis vs Kuraokami classes stands true, and from what I've seen the Takemikazuchi was escorted by at least 3 Aegis-class cruisers.


About the MS complement, the addition of MS squadrons is up to you Liubei. But from what I've seen in the series the deck of the Takemikazuchi can temporarily hold some of the MSs.


That's my update for now..

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Uh...every military are composed of a variety of units.  Each unit can range from infantry to armor to naval vessels and to mobile suits.  Our discussion is about how the FREE Forces are to be organized. 


This came up initially when I was talking with lynnks.  She suggested that enlisted personnel should be actually part of a unit or squadron.

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